Earn 2,000 WXT for referring your friends!

For a limited time only, you’ll earn 2,000 WXT when you refer two friends to Wirex!

It won’t last long, so if you’ve been meaning to tell your friends about us, now is the time! All you need to do is share your unique referral link. And all your friends need to do is:

Register through your referral link
Verify their accounts

Order a Wirex Mastercard if they are an EEA or UK customer, or add funds to their account if they are based in APAC

That’s it - 2,000 WXT is yours!

Time to tell your friends, family, colleagues - and anyone else you think should give us a go.



For full details, please the following:


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I’m just curious… But isn’t this just a liiiiiittle bit crazy to crank out?

I mean…I can’t really tell my friends to get involved with something I’m involved with…but can barely use
myself , right?

I almost flagged this as a phishing attempt…hahaha…
…but I’ll keep cool for a bit…

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Hello, I’m new here and have seen lots of people use this platform. I’m a bit lost can someone please help me to understand better or point me in the right direction to start me off. Please and thank you in advance