Earn more with Wirex and 1inch

Following the recent revelation that we’re migrating 20% of the WXT supply to the Ethereum blockchain, we’re delighted to announce our latest move into the cutting-edge world of decentralised finance – a new partnership with market-leading DeFi aggregator 1inch.

To celebrate, we’re giving you an exclusive opportunity to start earning money back from your crypto – as well as a slice of $5m in WXT and 1inch token (1INCH) rewards!

A dip in the liquidity pool

So, how does it work? Bear with us, because it gets a little technical.

On 7th / 8th of May, we’re creating a multimillion-dollar liquidity pool consisting of $2.5m each from Wirex and 1inch. By buying both ETH-based WXT and 1inch tokens on 1inch – and adding them to the liquidity pool – you can start earning income from your tokens in the form of exchange fees.

Sounds good, right? Well, it gets even better. On top of the income you’ll earn from your ETH-based WXT, we’ll also give you an exclusive WXT bonus. We’ve got $5m in WXT and 1INCH to give away until the 2nd of July, so don’t hang around!

Rewards in three simple steps

Step 1 - Buy ETH-based WXT and 1NCH and add them to the pool
Step 2 - You’ll receive LP tokens that represent your liquidity
Step 3 - Stake your LP tokens here to receive rewards!

Ethereum-based Wirex Tokens are currently available on both 1inch and Exmo.



Great :heart_eyes:
I have to learn … as soon as possible :blush:

Positive forward :four_leaf_clover::wave:


Glad to hear @BCS75LOVEnija2021 !

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Why you changed the chain? Why on ETH ? Have you checked we are going to pay around 180$ in fees for 1eth/wxt ??
And what if a user try to send wxt that are on stellar to 1inch ??
Why this mess?

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Could you make a video tutorial how to join to pool I can’t understand!!!

Don’t bother Oleg, it’s so expensive because of the gas fee that ends up not being worth.

Unlock tokens( u need both tokens 1inch and WXT)
buy liquidity token ( LP)
Add liquidity to farm
So it all costs close to $300/$500.

But yesterday to add liquidity it was -almost 1200 USD.
So it depends how busy the network is.

And the cherry on top the cost is the same to get out of the pool and get your tokens back.

Basically at actual gas prices not worth.

So 5m wxt would given to 10 users? How work the pool? If I had WXT and 1Inch i farm something? How much? How to transfer wxt to 1Inch support unblock transfer of wxt on 1Inch

Buy eth from 1inch with Wirex MasterCard

A no Wirex can’t be used on app pay

My marketing campaign is better of yours new one head.;)))
Let us using this MasterCard)))

Wirex Unblock iban!!! @Pavel_Wirex

out of blockchain!!

With 1ETH is not bad

Why on Earth would You move to ETH??? They are slow, crazy expensive gas fees & vulnerable to a 51% hack! Why not ADA or XRP or Flare; all these are super fast & alomst zero fees, plus secure!

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I guess ETH has the Market Cap…and ADA isn’t in its final form…and XRP you wouldn’t wanna touch because of all the SEC stuff.

…I don’t know enough about Flare though… :thinking: