Earn up to €250 in WXT this February!

sometimes rewards came late sir

Ah Fk, your responses here are so annoying… I can’t look at it anymore


The people who joined to the offer earned 15€ in wirex token for the task of verification, not the rest of the 50€. Now the 3000 initial reward (15€) was 35€ worth and ir disappeared!!! Instead of paying the 35€ that were missing, you take the first given… And this happened to all people I invited, while I havent received nothing. Wirex this is not serious


@Ali_Wirex @Kerri_Wirex @wirexsupport @moderators @Palangs04 @Maryna_Wirex @MalouIsAvailable

Daily reminder. What is it like to work for a company like this and scam people?

Only deleting my comment, trash company with trash ppl

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Looks like they’re stealing WXT now too Missing Huge Amount of Wirex Tokens(WXT) - #11 by Abel_M

Yes, they answered a long time ago that they can change all the rules as they want and when they want without notifying users.
Russian business is like that.
I don’t understand why people still use it.

Wirex huge scammers. Don’t see any bonus yet. And they don’t respond on mails anymore. SCAM SCAM SCAM.

If you arent going to pay bonuses at least tell it to your customers, its almost June and rewards should have been paid on March


I have not been paid either. I feel scam med.


hi its not a scam !

however please raised a ticket

If not, why hasn’t Wirex distributed the rewards already?

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What does the ticket do?

Wirex never replies lol.

People have opened tickets over one month ago and no fix or replies.

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They haven’t paid these rewards. Nor any other rewards after these ones.

And their support doesn’t even reply to people and explain why they haven’t paid.

As if this wasn’t enough, this community has “ambassadors” who just write things that don’t make sense.

It feels like Wirex is a total mess.


I couldn’t agree more

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I see its pointless to wait, interesting company, if they cannot do simple job from referal activity pay all who was verified, what they can bring from working product?


Mid of June. Still waiting


@Wirex Any update?


Are you done creating ticket?

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