Enable paying bills through Wirex

It recently came to my knowledge that a majority of the banks in Sweden blocks SEPA transfers to crypto exchanges. This kind of money censorship makes me really concerned, my money is my own responsibility and I’m supposed to have the freedom to use them for whatever I like. If I do something illegal, punish me and not everyone that is using the bank as a whole.

Anyway, there’s a service called Betalo which allows paying bills through the local Swedish banks way (bankgiro) but while paying for it with a credit card. This would already allow you to use Wirex for paying your bills and pretty much make Wirex the main way to pay everything :+1:

The default fee for this service is 1.8%, however some card issuers have a partnership with them to allow even 0% fees.
My suggestion is if Wirex would one day be listed as a 0% partner with them, you could bridge the gap for Swedish crypto fans like myself while being able to use your existing infrastructure :slight_smile: