Enjoy crypto mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival!

It’s everyone’s favourite time of year again! Mid-Autumn Festival means family gatherings, celebrating the moon, paper lanterns and, of course, an abundance of tasty treats.

But this year, we’re doing things a bit differently. So, put down your pomelo and step away from that pumpkin - it’s time to enjoy some special crypto mooncakes.

Your crypto mooncake menu

Browse our selection of crypto mooncakes, then choose your favourite flavours. Don’t hold back - why not have a taste of them all?

BTC Lotus Seed Paste

This one flies off the shelves every year. With its one-of-a-kind filling, it’s not hard to see why BTC Lotus Seed Paste is the boss of all mooncakes.

ETH Green Tea

A refreshing flavour which combines tangy peer-to-peer transactions with sumptuous smart contract creations. ETH Green Tea is a popular second choice.

WXT Cream Cheese

This one’s on the house. Both sweet and savoury at the same time, WXT Cream Cheese is a blend of rich rewards and delicious discounts.

LTC Chocolate

You can’t go wrong with LTC chocolate. A solid choice if you enjoy the creamy taste of fast processing times and low transaction fees.

XRP Red Bean Paste

XRP Red Bean Paste is the perfect choice to enjoy with a cup of tea. If you’re after a nutty, sweet flavour with hints of easy exchanging, this is the one for you.

XLM Ice Cream

Popular with the younger generations, XLM Ice Cream’s low fees and fast transaction speeds will leave you feeling seriously cool.

NANO White Lotus Seed Paste with a Single or Double Yolk

Can’t choose between sweet or savoury? Satisfy all your taste buds with NANO White Lotus Seed Paste. Think smooth instant transactions mixed with salty infinite scalability.


LINK Yam is a work of art. It’s got layers of delicate developer-friendly infrastructure on the outside and dollops of chewy innovation on the inside.

DAI Snow Skin

DAI Snow Skin’s smooth, cold outer layer encases a gooey centre made up of efficiency, transparency and stability.



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