Error bsc network

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Hello Mr Cazot,
I’ve been following your problem for a week.
Did you get a response to your request dating back 7 days?
The manipulation being simple why does it take so much time? It doesn’t inspire confidence…

@Ghosttuner @cazot @kayvin We are really sorry for this situation, but since we support only the ERC-20 network, the funds which were sent through Binance Smart Chain were not credited to our wallet.
There is no technical possibility from our side to release the funds.
Here is the list of the wallets that support Binance Smart chain transfers: Binance Smart Chain Wallet Support - Binance Chain Docs
To my regret, there would be no new info as it is not possible to do anything with that transfer from our side.

the solution is very simple:

1 :download the BSC blockchain
2 :use metamasck + the private key of the wallet
3 :make a background return at bianance

here is the solution, if you don’t want to do it, I can do it,
moreover stop saying that it is not possible!!! it is unbearable!

good question!!??, the manipulation is super simple to achieve!! , either wirex does it or I do it, but in order for me to do it, I need my private key

@cazot We’ve passed this to the relevant team. You will be updated via the ticket.

so if you can’t credit the funds to your Wirex wallets,
the best would be to send the money back to the customer, right ? it’s the least a bank can do, otherwise it’s called theft.

especially that you can do it.

it’s still weird that from a bank we leave a customer without a solution, without his money, and without communication (except here).

From a bank like yours, we expect much more than that.

@kayvin crypto transfers are irreversible, unlike fiat transfers.
Also, Wirex is not a bank. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to do anything with the transfer that was sent using the unsupported chain.

So Wirex is not a bank ?

So why do you offer a bank card, as well as a current account ?

So having confidence in yourself is complicated ?

Why don’t you display during ETH transactions that you do NOT accept certain blockchains ?

I thought they were all usable because it is not specified at the time of deposit operations.
If we have to search your website every time to find this information, in the end you are as much responsible when you do not CLEARLY tell your customers which blockchain to use ?

Do you think of integrating the BSC blockchain soon like Coinbase or other platforms that they have integrated ?

This would allow customers to find their funds because they were originally intended to be at Wirex.

And the manipulations you have made to make his sums of money are possible so stop saying that it is not feasible.

and also the question arises: can we still trust Wirex by seeing your reaction ?


@kayvin, yes you are right.
Wirex provides debit cards which is a convenient way to store and manage your finances. It can be issued not only by a bank.
This is not a matter of confidence, but rather of what we can or can not do from our side according to our policies and T&C.
ERC-20 is the most common chain. The receiver will not show which chain it supports or not. You can always check here which chain is supported for different cryptocurrencies: How to add cryptocurrency from external wallets to a Wirex crypto wall
We want our services to be comfortable for our customers, so yes, we are looking for ways to support alternative blockchains, however, there is no ETA at the moment.

ask Wirex technical service to install the BSC blockchain, it helps me and everyone

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It would be a great addition , indeed @cazot ! :sun_with_face:


Yes it’s good idea, it could fix a lot of problems that some customers have.

Can you submit the idea also to Wirex ?

Thanks for your help

@cazot @kayvin Sure, we will pass this idea to the relevant team.

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do you have any information if Wirex will implement the BSC blockchain? it allows me to recover my 17th blocked on the BSC network


Yes, it is already implemented on the wirex wallet!

I give you the site where you could download the Wirex Wallet application:

You could buy BSC tokens!

At your service! :slightly_smiling_face:

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with this application I can recover my 17 ETH and block on the BSC block chain?

@cazot Hello again. We do not have this information. We do want to add more chains to our app and the relevant teams are doing their best for it. However, we cannot say for sure which chain, when, or in which order will be added, unfortunately.

thx :slight_smile:

I’m talking about the classic wirex site and not the wirex wallet, because my 17 eth are blocked on the bsc in the direction of classic wirex, going through the wirex wallet, I wouldn’t have the same eth address, so it’s impossible to recover my 17eth, the solution is that wirex installs the BSC on classic wirex!