ETH fee quite high

Hi everyone !
A little question about ETH fees today Aug. 18… Not very important but quite annoying…
I changed 32€ to 0.087594 ETH today. Then transfer the total ETH amount to another account…
I received 0.029094 ETH (approx. 10€) and been charged 0.0585 ETH (approx. 20€), that’s the information on my transaction page on Wirex…
But when I click on the blockchain link , the fee is 0.01806246 ETH (approx. 7,5€).
So my question is : where are the missing € ???
That’s quite a fee anymay, one way or another… Could you give some more info on this matter ?
Thanks !


Hi Nicolas, thank you for your request.

I have escalated this case to our relevant team. They will check these transactions and contact you via the ticket as soon as possible.

Warm regards.

Hello kateryna, I bought 0.2 of etherum a week ago, but I can’t move it because they charge me for gas between 30 euros and 60 euros … how is this possible? the etherum network is overloaded ok, when is this going to be solved? I can’t move my etherum because I lose half, any suggestions? I sent you an email without an answer too, I want to move my etherum but it is impossible, I do not want to lose more than I invested … what solution is there? in these same days since binance I have been able to move etherum to my wallet for much less price !!! what is the problem thanks

Hello Ivan, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed response.

Let me kindly inform you that this case has been escalated to our relevant team. They will check the matter and contact you via the ticket shortly.

Best regards.

There is obviously a problem on ETH fees.

This morning I tried to send for $66 worth of ETH from the Wirex app and the proposed fee was about $45!

I cancelled it, went to another wallet and made the exact same transaction (same amount, same destination address): the fee was $2.5 and the transaction was confirmed almost instantly (~1 min).

I can understand that the Ethereum network is congested, but it is stil working quite well and nothing explains fees 20 times higher on Wirex compared to any other wallet…

Same here I want to send 0.12 eth and it cost 0.1 eth… :roll_eyes:

Hi Kateryna…
No contact from your relevant team since 17 days…
Can you escalate again :slight_smile: ?

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Dear Nicolas, I am sincerely sorry to hear that.

According to our database, our relevant team updated you via the ticket 1577172 on 19/08/2020.
Let us kindly ask you to check your mailbox.

In case the email is absent, please follow these steps:

  • Check Junk/Spam folder in your mailbox, make sure your spam filters or anti-virus did not block Wirex emails.
  • Check your mailbox folders and search the mailbox for “Wirex” keyword - perhaps you have a rule or filter which moved Activation email to some other folder.
  • Separately check your Trash/Deleted Items folder.
  • Please add “” and “” to your contacts list, so our emails may appear on your email faster.
  • Check with your email provider whether Wirex emails got blocked. Whitelist, or ask your email provider to whitelist domain.

Thank you in advance!

Thanks for your quick answer !
Sorry… No mail, no spam, no info :frowning_face:

Fees are relative to the activity on the blockchain. There is an awful lot of activity on the ether blockchain and this driving up prices. If you can try to do the transaction later when there is less activity. Around midnight to 5am UK time is usually better

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Hi Nicolas, I am sorry that you still have not received our email.

I have just contacted you once more, could you please take a look?

Thank you in advance!

Yess! This time I got the mail… But that’s not exactly the answer I was hoping for…
Let’s sum up… I know that fees were/are higher sometimes but that’s not exactly what I am asking…

  1. I’ve sent 32€ in ETH to another account.
  2. I received 0.029094 ETH (approx. 10€) and been charged 0.0585 ETH (approx. 20€), that’s the information on the transaction page on my Wirex account.
  3. but the transaction page shows a 6.31$ transaction fee (this transaction on etherscan io -> 0xf386228dd0cbe1b538c9c06f04d44f8d7040e2840b716c33d7cd8a1867677f57)

So there are a few euros missing, in my understanding. Could you please explain ?

Thank you.


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Hi Nicolas, thank you for the details provided.

I have forwarded this to our relevant team for further investigation and I will update you via the ticket shortly.

Best regards!

A quick note to everyone complaining about the high gas price: the gas price is that high on the ethereum network in general, this has nothing to do with wirex in particular. What Wirex could do is to pool transactions, which would make the transfer a fraction of the actual gas price. Not sure if this is implemented.

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Wirex… :frowning:

Hi @opengears,

Yes, you are totally right, the gas price has increased much recently and unfortunately, we can not affect this process.

In regards to the pooled transactions, we greatly appreciate your suggestion and this was just forwarded to our relevant team for further consideration.

Best regards!

I have around $10 ETH in my account, and I want to send out to another ETH adddress, no matter what is the amount to send out ( I tried choose send out $1 ETH only), It keeps pop up excced gas limit, cannot send out , what’s wrong?

Hi @dy2020, thank you for taking the time to let us know.

I have already contacted you via the email associated with your Wirex account in order to specify the additional details of the issue, could you please take a look and provide us with a reply?

Looking forward to your reply.

@Yan_Wirex, I just tried again, I have around 0.028773 ETH, when I press ‘send’ , and then MAX button, I can only send 0.010173 ETH ( at the moment I reported the problem, when I press ‘MAX’, it will show 0.028773), Right now, it shows I can only send 0.010173, so where is the balance gone? I need to keep some amount balance in my account or all the balance (0.028773-0.010173= 0.0186 ETH) will be used as gas fee? The current gas price is just 104GWei. I won’t proceed the transfer until it’s been clarified.

Hi everyone, Hi @Yan_Wirex,
Still waiting for an answer from someone of the “relevant team”…
By the way, it’s quite annoying to receive these automated mails like :

Dear Nicolas,
I hope this letter finds you well.
We haven’t heard from you for a while, please let us know once you are ready to proceed, we’d be glad to assist.
Meanwhile, this ticket will be closed within 3 days automatically.

Obviously, the subject is not closed.

Have a nice day,