Exchange from GBP to BTC not working...AGAIN


I transferred GBP to Wirex to buy BTC, but then I’m unable to exchange the GBP into BTC (Exchange fails). This is something that keeps happening to me on the Wirex platform. Due to the volatility of BTC these transactions are time-sensitive (I will now have to buy at a much higher price), so don’t see the point of continuing using Wirex if I’m not able to exchange at the right time


I’ve also noted the opposite- when prices for BTC to GBP are volatile it seems that sales of BTC are blocked? I do understand why- but they could offer a “projected price” based on the risk to them- as other sites do. While I’m on the rant- I can’t find any way of exchanging currencies on site? (On occasions I’ve exchanged BTC to Euro then realised that I need more GBP (for example) but that conversion is not possible. (It may be a licensing issue??


I can see option to exchange any crypto or fiat to GBP. I’ve looked everywhere…


You need to have a GBP wallet