Exclusive first look at the highly anticipated Wirex Premium Card

Wirex CEO Pavel Matveev shares an exclusive first look at the highly anticipated Wirex Premium Card

Wirex Premium Accounts are set to launch early 2020.

What can you look forward to?

  • Premium Wirex Visa card
  • Bespoke merchant offers & discounts
  • Concierge service
  • Airport lounge access
  • Early access to new features

What additional features and services would you like to see?


“Buy, store, exchange and spend your digital or traditional currencies, anytime, anywhere.”
When can we again expect this slogan to be true, since Wirex services can no longer be used everywhere. I am currently on holiday in Bosnia and wirexapp says it is forbidden in this country.

Did you try use your visa card there?

When we go to the atm to withdraw …its cheque account correct guys?

There is no possible, because I keep card blocked till the moment I need to use it. Now there is no possibility to use card, because mobile app doens’t work and there is no possibility to unblock card or add money to card.

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No foreign transaction fees is a must


Higher crypto back rewards
Airport security fast track
Travel insurance
Multiple currencies on one card, e.g not just EUR
Metal card
Duplicate cards so could be used as a joint account
Higher cryptoback on specific partner subscriptions, e.g Netflix, Spotify, Deliveroo, mytaxi, uber etc

What is the expected launch date for premium and will there be different tiers of premium?

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Also, cryptoback should be on all purchases including online. Really don’t get why it is only for in store purchases.


How much would you be willing to stake for those rewards? That’s a pretty tall order

500k wxt. A lot of those benefits already exist with some executive credit cards. Cash back on other crypto cards such as MCO are significantly higher.

Free ATM withdrawals. At least a few like 5 free withdrawals a month.

N26 offers that for their basic card. They have unlimited free withdrawals for their “special” black card.

@Jenny_Wirex any update on the launch date of this and the stablecoins?

@Jenny_Wirex any comment on this please? The level of response from Wirex on this platform is very poor. If you are pushing people to use this as a community discussion platform, the level of interaction needs to be improved from Wirex.


I keep one of my credit cards just only because it includes travel Insurance coverage for me and my family every time we travel AND it covers the Rental car insurance excess (up to 5000 USD). The only requirement is to spend to spend more than 300 dollars with the card for the trip (flight tickets included).
If Wirex can offer than, then I would save 70 AUD per year in credit card renewal every year and it would become more attractive to non-current crypto users.

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