Failed transactions

Hi, I’ve been trying to withdraw my money and to not avail. I’m now reading bunch of people having the same issues. I opened the account few days ago and when I saw that I can not withdraw/ send money it got me really worried. All I’ve been getting from customer support is either some internal policy or another time technical issues and so on. My case number is 3002032. Can someone please help me withdraw my own money?

I wonder if anyone who has posted here got their money back :((((

Have you heard back from customer support yet? It’s worrying that there seems to be no answer to this question, despite many people asking. Is Wirex actually a scam?

They keep saying due to internal policy we are unable to perform any transfers, try within one business week and the next week is the same. I think is a scam, but a sophisticated one. What issue do you have ?

team will resolve it . sir

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