Fancy a game of footy? Meet the Wirex squad!

Love football but think your team could use a breath of fresh air? So do we - and we’ve got some pretty special new players in mind.

They’re quick, powerful, agile - yes, we think our cryptocurrencies have got what it takes to play for the big leagues.

Check out our unstoppable squad and select your favourites in the Wirex app today!

Let’s meet the team.

Full Forward: BTC

Full forward Bitcoin shows sheer strength and determination as it shakes off defenders and scores. A true leader!

Half Forwards: ETH

The Ether half forwards carry a lot on their shoulders. Responsible for both delivering the ball and having a shot at goal, they’re versatile and super-efficient.

Centre: LTC

Centre Litecoin will run the full length of the field before you can blink. In fact, it’s said to be four times faster than full forward Bitcoin.

Half Backs: XRP

Acting as bridges between defence and attack, the XRP half backs push the ball up to the midfield with unparalleled ease and dexterity.

Full Backs: XLM

Known for their unmatched speed and agility, the XLM full backs’ job is to stop the advances of the bullish full forward and get the ball out of defence ASAP.

Ruck: WXT

Arguably the most important player on the field, relentless ruckman WXT creates centre clearances which lead to goal after goal. Trust us, you want WXT on your team.

Rover: UNI

Rover UNI is flexible, dependable and quick-thinking. It applies pressure and tackles the opposition without a moment’s hesitation.

Ruck-rover: NANO

Ruck-rover Nano is a tough player with near-instant reactions. Always in the right place at the right time, it can read the ball like no other.



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