FAQs – X-Accounts

What are X-Accounts?

X-Accounts is Wirex’s latest feature to launch, that is set to become one of the world’s most accessible interest-paying accounts. With each X-Account created, you will be able to earn up to 16% interest on your crypto and fiat* funds when you set them aside in pots of money, where Wirex automatically converts them into stablecoins. They offer instant access, no minimum or maximum holdings, and no maintenance fees for each pot, meaning, you are in total control.

What are the benefits?

  • Paid weekly

  • DeFi, without the complexity: avoids the expensive fees and complicated processes often associated with DeFi and yield farming

  • Best % on the market: customers can earn unprecedented levels of interest on both fiat* and crypto funds* when compared to competitors and high-street banks, including up to 10% on crypto funds and 16% on fiat* funds (when converted to stablecoins)

  • Instant access: giving you the ultimate control where you can add or remove funds at any point

    a. No maintenance fees

    b. No minimum or maximum holdings

When do you receive interest on your X-account?

Each X-account created is calculated daily and paid out weekly. Therefore, whatever amount you hold in your designated X-account, you will be getting those gains weekly.

Isn’t DeFi risky, so why is this different?

The beauty of X-Accounts is that we are bringing you DeFi, without the complexity. While the development and innovation of DeFi is undeniable, there are certain factors you must consider when using DeFi in this space. Each platform comes with its own set of rules on how to fund, transfer and accumulate earnings. Each process that a customer might do while using a Dapp will incur fees, both in and out. There is also a risk that your private keys might get lost or stolen. And the most concerning risk is that your funds, which you have so tirelessly built upon, might be in jeopardy due to the lack of insurance.

Wirex has enabled X-Accounts, a phenomenal option within the DeFi space, that is all at the touch of your finger and accessible to users of any crypto-savvy level. X-Accounts will allow customers to earn unprecedented levels of interest on both fiat* and crypto funds (converted to stablecoins) when compared to competitors and high-street banks. Avoiding the expensive fees and complicated processes often associated with DeFi and yield farming, users will have the ultimate control over their funds, with instant access, no minimum holdings and no maintenance fees for each pot.

Further removing the complexity and trust issues often associated with owning a crypto wallet, we have also partnered with Fireblocks to integrate their enterprise technology to offer maximum security of user’s funds. Developing Wirex’s reputation for regulatory compliance and customer safety, the partnership will give Wirex up to $30 million on insurance on crypto assets.

Easy earning, done simply and safely.

How do I get started?

All you have to do is:

  1. Open the app
  2. Click on X-Accounts
  3. Select your currency
  4. Add Funds
  5. Sit back and watch the balance grow

How long can I hold my funds in an X-Account?

You can leave your X-account to accumulate for as little or as long as you like, giving you the ultimate control over your funds.

Will my funds be locked for a certain period of time if I join X-accounts?

No, your funds will not be locked, and you can remove them at any time. You have full control while using your X-account, meaning that if you want to put $100* in and then transfer after a week, that is completely up to you.

How many X-accounts can I have and in what currencies?

You can have as many X-Accounts as you like. Once we have fully launched the feature on 23rd June, this will include:

  • In the EEA region: BTC, ETH, GBP, EUR*

  • In the APAC region: BTC, ETH, HKD, AUD, USD*

We will be looking to introduce new X-account currencies as well so keep an eye out!

*All X-Accounts are created using cryptocurrencies, and pay out interest in cryptocurrencies. All mention of X-Accounts using fiat funds refers to fiat funds converted to stablecoins. No interest is paid on fiat funds or paid out in fiat. Terms and conditions apply.


Read the full X-accounts T&Cs here
**X-Accounts are not currently available in Singapore
**X-accounts are temporarily not available for UK customers but we will announce a date as soon as possible


Is there any way I can get accurate information on the ups and downs of both fiat and cryptocurrency as well ?
Because all I am seeing is a down ward spiral with cryptocurrencies!

I mean In the Asian Pacific REGION!

Hello there @6355 , you can check the live rates in our website. Please kindly check the link and let me know if you have any other question.


Salve,sono nuovo e vorrei

fare una domanda: se io aggiungo fondi per un totale di 100 al tasso del 12% quale sarà il mio guadagno settimanale?

Hi - my account suddenly got locked (support ticket raised) but will that affect my X-Account earning? So for example, every Tuesday the weekly payout is credited to my X-Account, so what will happen if by Tuesday the account is still locked? Will the interest be still credited during the time when my account login is locked? Thanks

Hello there @kwcheng2 , I’m really sorry about your experience. Can you please share your latest ticket reference number so that I can flag it with the support team for you? Thank you

Hi @ChienChien_Wirex thanks so much for your help. My ticket number is 582031. Yes I’m worried about whether my fund in the X-account is safe or not, and whether the interest payment will be impacted, so your prompt assistance is so much appreciated. Cheers.

Hello @ChienChien_Wirex

Due to the recently add of 5 crypto possibilities for X-Accounts,
do you know if Wirex has plans for we can get more accounts than the actual limite of 10 ?
(and do you know “why” it is limited to 10 X-Accounts) ?

thnx for an answer;

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Bonjour @WilsonMilleR :wave:

C’est une très bonne question que vous demandez. @ChienChien_Wirex viendra rapidement apporter une réponse pour nous en dire davantage. :+1:

Merci d’utiliser Wirex. Bonne journée !

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Thank you for this :relaxed::heart::two_hearts::two_hearts:

Hello @ChienChien_Wirex @Ali_Wirex ,
i had a question last week about X-Accounts, do you know if anyone is ready for answer please ?
Thank you :slight_smile:

This is all i want. Thanks wirex for this wonderful and brilliant projects :blush:

Hello, is there a minimum withdrawal in the x-account?

I thinks its no minimum.whatever you want to withdraw

Hi there @WilsonMilleR , so sorry on my delayed response. We will be adding more currencies to X-accounts but currently the limit is 10 actual accounts. This might change in the near future however we, the community managers, have no concrete dates yet from the team. As soon as we do we will let everyone know.

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thank you for this answer; it was just for know the direction :slight_smile:
and this direction is okay for me hehe
i just have to be patient and wait untill it come (but for now 10 x-Account is quite enough for do things, so it’s okay to wait)


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I would like to suggest that the amount left in the x-account is not shown at the start of the app, the value appears in fiat currency at the beginning but this value is in the x-account and I would not want it to be shown on the home screen, there could be an option to hide this value and only show up in the x-account.

Hi, Brand new here. Just checking, Do I need to exchange crypto for fiat before using the card? Or when using the card, does the crytpo automatically get converted into fiat (at the current crypto-to-fiat rate)?