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Hey Wirex Team,
Happy New Year! May I know when will UK have X-account service?
I’ve been longing for it.

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Hi there.

Hi there, X-Accounts website shows interest rate as 12% but in the app it only shows 4-5%. What is that?

Hi Wirex team, I think this is not true. Currently in the app it shows AUD 4% but in your website it shows 12%. Can you explain why this is?

You need to explain clearly so the consumers can understand before depositing big money into wirex.

Looking for your prompt response?

Hello there @JayN , please kindly check out our X-tras 2.0 FAQs post for full details on the rates.

Hope this help and please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you


it says the interest on my fiat account is converted to usdc, but i dont find this usdc anywhere in my accounts ? can you please direct me where i can find this?



Hi there @bram, kindly asking which country you’re reside in?


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Hello :hugs:

Hello please I’m New to Wirex account I became a member 3days ago and my account is still verifying, I speak with so many customers service :robot: none of them solve my verification issue
Ticket ID: #1570099



Sincerely sorry. I know your frustrated right now. I hope your case solved immediately.

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Hey @Alison, Thank you for reaching out to us, welcome to the Forum!
I have passed on your Customer Reference number to the team and they will reach out to you directly to get this issue resolved.

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This application sucks it’s a worse crypto wallet I’ve ever had you’ve stolen money from me and I can’t even send one crypto transaction everything says transaction successful and then it says transaction failed I’ve wrote you guys a thousand times I’ve tried sending in different coins to different addresses and all I get is s*** on