FAQs- X-tras 2.0

Why are X-tras being changed to the current model?

Firstly, we’ve listened to customer feedback about the current model and evaluated how we can improve the experience that our Standard, Premium and Elite users have with Wirex. When we launched X-tras in March 2021, we always knew that it was only the first step of the rewards program and it would evolve over time. Secondly, we wanted to ensure that there are additional benefits to users who hold WXT, without sacrificing our “open to all” mission. With X-tras 2.0 there really is something for everyone, whether you want to be rewarded for everyday activities without a monthly subscription, or you want to buy and stake WXT to get “boosted” perks and even more out of your subscription and WXT!

What are the differences between X-tras and the new X-tras 2.0?

The new X-tras programme will be a more comprehensive rewards package, expanding our Cryptoback™ rewards and WXT Savings Bonus, and for the first time, incorporating our market-leading X-Accounts.

We are doing this by creating new tiers within the existing membership plans. Everyone choosing Standard, Premium or Elite membership will begin on the Entry tier by default. If users wish to receive greater Cryptoback™ rewards, higher WXT Savings Bonuses and preferential rates on X-Accounts, they can choose a “boosted” tier, which includes Enhanced and Ultimate,by locking WXT for a defined period.

the breakdown of the new tiers is as follows:

Standard plan

The Standard plan ensures that absolutely everyone is rewarded for using Wirex. All Wirex customers automatically earn 0.5% Cryptoback™ rewards and can open an X-Account to earn up to 5% AER on assets held - all for zero monthly fees. Those who choose to lock 150,000 WXT for 180 days can double their rate of Cryptoback™ rewards, unlock a 1% annual Savings Bonus on their WXT balance and earn preferential rates of up to 7% AER on their X-Accounts balance

Premium plan

Fancy an upgrade? The Premium plan is the next step up, offering regular Wirex users and crypto enthusiasts the chance to get more from their Wirex account. For just €/£/$9.99 a month, Premium subscribers will enjoy preferential rates and superior rewards. For the full Premium experience, simply lock your WXT for 180 days; you’ll secure up to 3% Cryptoback™ rewards, up to 6% annual Savings Bonus and up to 14% AER with X-Accounts!

Elite plan

Designed with everyday Wirex users and dedicated crypto fans in mind, the Elite plan is the ultimate Wirex experience. For only €/£/$29.99 a month, Elite subscribers get VIP access to the highest levels of Cryptoback™ rewards, Savings Bonuses and interest on their X-Accounts. Plus, those who lock their WXT for 180 days will more than double their rewards, with the Ultimate tier paying out 8% Cryptoback™ rewards, a 16% annual Savings Bonus and an enormous 20% AER on their X-Accounts!



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Can I choose to lock 500,000 WXT and not subscribe to Premium plan, and enjoy rewards as Premium (Enhanced)?

If you are on the Standard subscription, you only need to lock away 150,000 WXT to boost your perks. Whilst you can hold more WXT, if you want to increase your rewards, you must purchase the Premium membership – then you’ll be able to boost your rewards with the Ultimate tier by locking up to 1,500,000 WXT

What do you mean by “locking” WXT?

To boost rewards, a set amount of WXT must be “locked”. While the full balance will still be shown in the user’s WXT account, the locked funds cannot be withdrawn or exchanged for a period of 180 days.

Are there benefits for holding WXT?

WXT can be considered a ‘mature’ cryptocurrency, where WXT-holders can experience huge benefits from holding a cryptocurrency with multiple and diverse use cases. Having launched in 2019, it is one that is well-established amongst Wirex users, available on numerous cryptocurrency exchanges outside the Wirex ecosystem, and can be traded like any other cryptocurrency.

In parallel, WXT powers the Wirex ecosystem. X-tras is designed to reward users who hold WXT, with Savings Bonuses of up to 16% paid on WXT balances and preferential rates on X-Accounts balances (for fiat and crypto assets held) unlocked for users that hold higher WXT balances.

WXT is also taking a further step into the world of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) in 2022 as a result of Wirex investment in DeFi protocols, such as Nereus, where users can easily get rewarded for staking, locking, lending and borrowing WXT within it.

How do I lock my WXT on Wirex?

You can lock your WXT within the Wirex platform on the ‘X-tras tab’, by clicking ‘Boost Perks’. You will then be asked which “Boosted Tier” you wish to upgrade to. If have the required amount of WXT available, this can be locked by clicking ‘Confirm’. If the required amount is not available, you can buy / exchange more WXT in order to complete the locking and boost your perks

Can I increase the “locking” amount (upgrade) whilst it is locked?

Currently, you’ll only be able to lock more WXT at the end of the locked period.

When can I start taking advantage of the new plan/tiers?

X-tras is now live, so as soon as you hit ‘Confirm’,your membership plan will automatically change. If you choose to ‘boost’ your tier, your WXT will automatically be locked and you’ll move from the entry Tier to your chosen boosted tier (Enhanced or Ultimate). This means that you’ll start enjoying the additional rewards right away

Can I cancel the subscription at any time?

All subscriptions are annual, but they can be billed monthly or annually. There is a cooling off period for 14 days after the start of a paid subscription. If you decide to cancel the paid subscription during the cooling off period, you will receive a full refund. However, your right to a refund will be waived if you make a transaction of any kind during the cooling off period.

At the end of your lock period, the locked WXT will instantly be shown as “available balance” within your WXT account. After this time, you’re free to exchange your WXT or enter a new lock period to upgrade your perks.

Please note that after the end of the lock period, you’ll enjoy the \Enhanced / Ultimate perks until the end of your annual X-tras subscription.

If I don’t want to hold WXT anymore, what will happen to my benefits?

Once a “locked” term ends, users are free to do whatever they wish with their WXT and the ‘boosted’ perks will remain until the end of your annual X-tras subscription. At the end of this term, the user will return to the Entry-level tier, unless they have re-locked / boosted their tier again

Are there changes being made to X-Accounts and how will that affect my current earnings?

Any existing X-Accounts opened before the launch of X-tras “boosted tiers” will remain at the original variable rate AER until the 1 year anniversary of that X-Account opening.

For example, if a Standard Entry-level user opened an X-Account on September 1, 2021, they will continue to receive 6% AER (10% in WXT) on crypto accounts and 12% AER (16% in WXT) on fiat accounts until 23:59 on August 31, 2022. After this time, the X-Account will revert to the new variable rate reflective of which plan / boosted tier the user has.

Any new X-Accounts opened after the launch of X-tras 2.0 will have the AER reflective of the user’s plan / tier.

Are there any caps on WXT earnings? If yes, what are they?

The only caps on WXT earnings relate to Cryptoback™ rewards. Cryptoback™ rewards are paid on all online and in-store purchases made with a Wirex card (exclusions apply and can be viewed here: Cryptoback™ rewards exceptions).

For each X-tras subscription tier, Cryptoback™ reward caps are set as follows:

Standard – Maximum Cryptoback™ earned per month – 10,000 WXT

Premium – Maximum Cryptoback™ earned per month – 50,000 WXT

Elite – Maximum Cryptoback™ earned per month – 150,000 WXT

How can I access the best rates and get the most out of X-tras 2.0?

The highest Cryptoback™ rewards, Savings Bonus and preferential X-Account rates are available on the Elite Plan when the user boosts to the Ultimate tier

  • 8% Cryptoback™ rewards
  • 16% annual Savings Bonus
  • Up to 20% AER with X-Accounts

What if one of the features is currently not available in my country?

If one of the features is not available in your country, you can still enjoy the many other diverse benefits X-tras has to offer. But don’t worry, in 2021 we made X-Accounts available in over 81 countries around the world, and we plan to switch it on in the UK very soon.

Is there anything else on the roadmap (for X-tras)?

We have big plans to add additional perks to each Membership Plan and tier throughout 2022 and we can’t wait to discuss them in more detail. Keep an eye on our Community Forum, social media channels and the Wirex blog for more information.

How will the new ‘boosted tiers’ affect me if I already subscribe to an existing model?

Regardless of what plan you’re subscribed to at the moment on the original X-tras, you’ll automatically be moved to the Entry Tier of that plan by default when X-tras 2.0 is launched. Locking WXT is entirely optional and you have the choice to “opt-in” to boost your tier (and boost your perks). If you choose to remain on the Entry tier, you’ll still be able to enjoy all the benefits of the plan (Standard, Premium or Elite) that you originally subscribed to


Great job Wirex!! :slight_smile:


Hmmm… still feels like a raw deal for people already earning higher rates without subscription and stake.


Thank you :blush::blush:

This change really sucks for people who were already using X-Accounts, now I will need to stake tens of thousands of dollars to earn at the same rate i was previously. Will be pulling my funds out once I lose my 16% rate unfortunately. :frowning:


Exactly this.


3,000,000 wxt for the tier or 3,500,000 wxt?


Is there interests paid on the locked amount of 500,000 WXT (or other amounts?)?

Well done Wirex!!!

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Hey @Maleficarum, Yes please see above images where the tiers are shown. You will see WXT Savings Bonus and the % for each level. Thank you

Thank you all guys for supporting Wirex since day 1 :heart:

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Hi Ali, is this only for the staked WXT or total WXT holding?

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hey there @Kenko_wirex! The % is on total balance of your WXT = (locked + unlocked)
Thank you

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Thanks Ali, that’s quite nice.

For the standard “enhanced” tier - do I earn 1% cryptoback for online transaction also?

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[Great work.I like it.Wirex is the best.

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This is not true, i did not receive interest for my locked wxt token on 1st april

Hey there @Gim_Koon_Koh please can you create a support ticket so that the team can look into this for you? You can also put your support ticket reference number in our support channel here…

And a member of our customer support team will help you.
Thank you