FCA - UK Accounts are useless!

Has anyone an update on when the Wirex system will be operational in the UK? If I wasn’t an investor, and I wouldn’t have been if Wirex was open about the FCA issue, my account would have been closed ages ago. The silence is deafening!!

Come on Wirex, what is happening, or not. Any update would be helpful.


Hello there @superblod I know you would like an in-depth update on exact dates for the UK. Please know the team is working on it. We are making sure all necessary checks and updates are done. As soon as all is good, we will be making an announcement to all UK users. I totally understand your frustration, but these changes are necessary and will help us achieve many great things in the long-run. Thank you for your continued patience.


In the UK, Wirex has gone from something really useful as means of fiat & crypto exchange to being an utter dud. You must have some sort of timetable or plan that you can let us in on. I don’t want to hear another thing about Wirex, WXT or how marvellous everything Wirex is, in my inbox, until you can tell me I can use my uselesss card again. Grrrr.