Fee WXT exchange reinserted

Hi Wirex Team,
why the fee on EUR/WXT exchange has been reinserted???.
In your several Ad

v was remarked that would be FREE forever.
I’m really disappointed for such behaviour.

Fiat to fiat feee sir.

I brought some WXT on March 3rd, It was fee free then. I hope they can keep it that way.


They removed it. It is not free anymore!

@sabarrcom , exactly!
what a poor behaviour from Wieex side

Hopefully just another glitch in the system. Did you ask support? Guess that answer is still a few weeks away:)

Hi @sabarrcom ,
of course I opened the ticked but the answer reiceved from Wirex support Team, was incorrect compared to the Adv reiceved.
I’m feeling really disappointed.

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Send support back the add. It states “for good!”
Not all support seem equally knowledgeable

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Hello :hugs:

We appreciate your concerns and patience for this kind of situation :heartpulse:

Our relevant team do their job one by one, step by step so it’s kind a delay sometimes…

I’m really sorry for that.
Warm regards.
Have a lovely day :love_letter:

Hi @MalouIsAvailable first of all thank you for your reply.
In any case the matter is not the delay in the answer but the misalignment between the Wirex Marketing Team Vs the Wirex Service Team as you can read on the screens posted above.
We know the relevant Team is doing its best every day and we really appreciate that, nevertheless is not acceptable that the management change his mind so quickly and without provide a clear explanation to the customer.


Fee was reintroduced for APAC accounts as well…


Hi everyone. Please know that buying and exchanging to WXT is fee-free. The team have found the issue and this should now be resolved. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Hi @Ali_Wirex ,thank you very much.
I really appreciate your follow up.

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You are most welcome @FCotti ! And again, my sincere apologies on my delayed response. I just wanted to make sure I had the correct information. Thank you so much for your support and understanding - it’s greatly appreciated by myself and Wirex. All the best.


Possible to get a refund on the fee which was charged last week?

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you can submit a request sir about that.

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