Fees and limits

I’ve just noticed that it’s been debited 1,20 euros from my account! Should I pay this every month? I thought that Wirex account and card is free.


Hello Michael!
Let us kindly inform you that ordering a Wirex card and corresponding current account is free. However, you will be charged a nominal monthly fee for card account maintenance. Fees and limits apply depending on the currency of your account.
See Fees and limits list on our webpage.

Thank you!


I took cash from the ATM this evening and had a charge for it. This is the first time this has happened.is this right?

Hello Neeltje!
Please be informed that there are some fees for ATM withdrawals:
1.75 GBP / 2.25 EUR / 2.50 USD

We kindly advise you to read this article about the Fees and Limits of your card:

Thank you for understanding!


hi guys, now I’m trying to withdraw my money from atm and it always declines
any assumptions why?

Hello @Huang-He
Thank you for your request. Could you please specify the amount of money you want to withdraw?

Hi Keteryna, i want to withdraw 500 euros

Dear @Huang-He,
Let us kindly inform you that there are some limits for ATM withdrawals:

250 GBP / EUR / USD per day

Thank you for understanding!

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Thanks for your prompt response :ok_hand: I’ll keep it on mind