Fees now being charged on card traditional accounts

Hi, I went to add funds to my card today in our local currency from my local bank credit card, was surprised to find that a 1.5% fee was being added. Checked also adding USD and AUD, same fee base. One assumes (since I have seen no announcements) that this is a new policy. It is concerning as the fee to add funds for a lot of people will be around the same or even greater than the rewards being offered via Cryptoback. So spend an extra amount to top up just to receive possibly a lesser amount back in “Rewards”. The exact deal will depend on the level of Cryptoback one is on. Ok, the Rewards in WXT have the potential to increase in value, but this step sure does take the gloss off day to day spending via the Wirex card for me. Any other thoughts out there ? I note one competitor charges 1% for adding fiat funds to there card, but the rewards are also lower. Thanks


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But trust me…you are not alone…and this discussion is heating up!

Hi there, thank you for voicing your feedback. I have replied to the other thread (the one that Draw2 shared above). But for easy access I will copy the reply to this thread…

Hi guys, Please know that each region has its own T&Cs. There are alternative methods of topping up in certain regions and we will introduce more. To break it down, we have ACH in the US which is completely free to use and in APAC and other regions we will have alternate payment methods coming soon. There is no fee for fiat (traditional currency) top up in EEA and the UK. I have taken all of your feedback and shared it with the team. Thank you for coming to this forum to discuss it.

Hey bro who’s the competition that chargea 1% for fiat top up

What do you mean by alternate payment methods?

A competitor with the name starting with Crypto (system wont allow the name to be posted here - go figure, censorship no less !!) charges 1% when I checked via my account last week, however they downgraded their rewards a while back also, so overall its probably no more attractive. I actually stopped using my “Crypto” account back when I locked WXT to get better rewards via Wirex. Its just that with the sudden change to the 1.5% fee on Wirex it has significantly downgraded the rewards benefits. I am not sure what alternative payment methods they might offer. Wire transfer might be an option and that can be free from New Zealand if using certain providers, or at very low cost while still at attractive exchange rates. I was also looking at Moonpay and I think they charge 1% also, but I have not actually used their service so you would need to verify that. I hope that Wirex will come up with an option, but things seem to move quite slowly at times, better proactive communication would be good also. Regards

Guys we have NXUSD 20% AER on X-accounts

and we have nereus finance to cover up the top up fee.

however the fee is depends on region.

That’s not really the point, I think you’ll find , peoples frustration is based upon,

  1. No direct communication on the action.
  2. No fee free method to fund their account.

It doesn’t matter if there’s a stablecoin with 20% , that’s not relevant to funding ones account to use their card on a every day basis… or funding ones account to buy crypto which also incurs a 1.49% fee when only debit or credit card options are available to fund the account…

That’s the baseline of what people are trying to express…