For more than a month 275,000 euros have been blocked

Hi, I have been a wirex customer for over 4 years and it seems unheard of what has happened to me. My account was blocked more than 30 days ago with the excuse of having to carry out routine checks on wirex users. It has been more than a month and yet, despite the emails sent, I have not received any decent response, they only tell me that my money is safe and that once the checks are completed they will reactivate my account. I can’t wait any longer because I had life savings on my account which amounted to about 275,000 euros.For this reason, I had to contact a lawyer to take legal action against wirex because I am tired of not being replied to the telephone numbers or receiving always the same reply emails in the hope of being able to recover MY money that wirex has stolen from me for no reason.The ticket number is 725448. Resolve the problem or I will sue you.


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This is terrible and in honestly. I am not surprised. I do hope you get a speedy resolution. Fingers crossed for you!!!..

I suggest you go to Reddit and post there too! I have created a feed about them headed Wirex SCAM. More noise you make the better!!!

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Hi @patrickgolding! The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

My account has now been blocked for 73 days for no valid reasons.

It is unacceptable

Why is it taking so long to unlock !!!

Already I would like someone to explain to me why my account has been blocked

and why your services are not responsive

My account is blocked supposedly for security reasons with more than 3500 € of blocked funds

I submit several tickets per week and I always get the same answer

Here is the response email from customer service:

Hello ,

Thank you for getting back to me

I’d firstly like to offer my sincerest apologies here for this huge inconvenience and burden as a result of this situation. I completely understand how frustrating this must be and I’m sorry you’ve had to spend so much time on this.

Please be advised that your account is still under consideration by the relevant department. Unfortunately, for now, there is no news about it and therefore, I can’t update you. Nevertheless, we want to assure you, that when the case has any updates, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Note that I keep communicating with the relevant team checking their progress. Please, be sure, there is ongoing work to resolve the matter as soon as possible.


Sir please create request here.

Wirex will fix it.