Fraud warning please take it seriously

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I have not experienced being blocked from my wirex account with money in it, so sorry for those who have. However I have had difficulty recently upon registering to which I had to keep verifying my personal info and my address, I was unable to make payment to wirex via my credit card and that was due to my NZ bank manager whom would not allow the transaction to be made. The wirex team prompted me with other ways of making a payment so that I could purchase WXT and also order a wirex card. I am still waiting to receive my card as it was ordered 2 days before Christmas. I’d like to suggest that the Wirex support team would put a proposal forward to the complaints department and all other wirex team members such as their system Analysis team and their I.T team to find a solution for many of the wirex account holders to create a mechanism to assist with common problems such as being blocked from accounts and having to continually verifying information that get declined. It does become frustrating which causes many account holders to curse against this business. I hope that this matter of these types of common problems are already in progress for a real fix solution. Or even a system that helps account holders fix the problem themselves.

Thanks for your response, am just so frustrated with their service to point that even the name Wirex turn my stomach. Am away from home , UK am in Africa I withdraw £2.300 which I think will serve me well for my Christmas and new year but Wirex have better use for my money than I do. The lack of concern on their part is what really surprising to me I don’t know how the think this method of ignoring customers will grow the company. I hope someone will get to me soon


They are a BIG SCAM. nothing else.

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Now 28 days since my money was taken by Wirex.


I’ve used Wirex for years and was a good customer. Many thousands of euros in cash and crypto purchases. Brought over some friends too.

Two weeks ago my account was locked without a reason. Since then, CS has done nothing except slow and empty responses like “we had some problems but now everything is good”.

Now, I understand the frustration of thousands of other users. I have done nothing wrong. My money is clean. I pay taxes and bring good business to Wirex. But they locked me out and took my money. After many tickets filed and empty responses given, I am convinced they are fraud too.


Hello @maeserati99,

I totally understand your frustration, however, at this point, we are waiting for a reply from the relevant team. Please rest assured, we’ve done everything from our side in order to speed up the process. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with an exact timeframe since we have not received it from the relevant team.


Hello @boryagin, I am sincerely sorry for your unpleasant experience.

Could you please provide us with the reference ticket number? We will be glad to escalate this for you.

Thank you in advance!

My husband’s hard earned savings was taken by wirex we were trying to save up for our baby come because I’m 9 months dew this January ending, his account got blocked with 7.5k in it and wirex did not bother responding to him. How we managed feeding at the Christmas time was so hard we barely can’t feed a day with my condition was so frustrating and painful, his account was blocked since November now it’s January wirex has done nothing but leaving us tears and regrets. So guys I don’t fall to victim.:pensive:

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Hello @Queensley122, I feel how unpleasant this situation is unpleasant for you and I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Could you please provide us with the reference ticket number? We will be glad to escalate this for you.

Thank you in advance!

1809542 this is the ticket number

James Rosa Julius and ticket number, 1809542


Hi @Queensley122,

Please be informed that our relevant team continuously working on this matter in order to satisfy your demand and provide you with proper insight and solution.

Thank you for understanding!