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Hello, I have an problem with my wirex account. I wanted to transfer money from my wirex account to EUR account and now I have “pending” for 5 days. I contacted support that day and no response to this day… I don´t know what to do. If you guys can help me somehow I would be glad. If you will need ticket number than here it is: (To view the status of the ticket or add comments, please visit 49835.) I think this is the number. Thanks for response :slight_smile:

Hello @lockoutted, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed update.

I have checked and escalated your case to our relevant department and I can confirm that it will be processed as soon as possible. I have also sent you a message, could you please take a look?

Thank you in advanced!


Thank you, but where is the message you sent me located ? Where should I take a look ?

ut 5. 1. 2021 o 17:43 Anastasiia via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <> napísal(a):

Hi @lockoutted,

The message was sent to your registered email. I can see, that the issue with the card has already been resolved. Please try to make a transaction now.

Best wishes!

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Thank you !

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Good afternoon, I’m purchasing as normal with my Wirex Visa card but I’m no longer getting satoshi anymore?

Pleas help, my account is not letting me use it and have money locked in there. My address has been verifying for days now and I need the money NOW. Please please please help. My ticket number is as follows: 101897
Thank you,

I think there may have been an intermittent issue because I had the same issue during the week, and then this morning all those Satoshi appeared to redeem.
Hopefully everything is back onboard now.

I’ve just looked and I still haven’t received any it looks like the future of the Wirex visa is over.

Hi @Jasonline,

The issue should have already been resolved. If it’s not, please let me know your support ticket number so I could check internally.

Thank you in advance!

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I can’t even use the complaint ticket thus I’m using this forum. Since the announcement of the visa issue I’ve had constant issues. The last ticket I could upload was: 1818320

Kind regards,


Hi @Thomhu0116,

I have escalated your case to the verification team. They will contact you shortly.

Sorry for the delay.

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It’s just finally allowed me to raise a ticket which is: 104316

Kind regards,


Hi . I sent 3 tickets weeks ago but they don’t answer me, is something happening? Ticket 103166

Hello Drone, we are sorry this unpleasant situation occurred.

I have just sent you an update via the support ticket. Please check it from your side.

Best wishes!

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tickets are not coming to my email only commercial emails from wirex and your forum response


Could you please check Junk/Spam folder in your mailbox and make sure your spam filters or anti-virus did not block Wirex emails?


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