GBP current account changes to Faster Payments after Dec. 28th?

Hi Wirex,

Just have some questions in regards to GBP accounts potentially losing the ability for faster payments transfer this year on the 28th of December. Wasn’t sure where to put this as it is not a support question.

So, if I understand right, GBP transfer will no longer be available via Faster Payments after the 28th of December 2020? Will that be indefinite? And is that due to Brexit?

If that is the case, which transfer options will still be available? I think that will hurt those of us that primarily use our accounts in GBP and transfer and receive primarily in GBP.

Personally, All of my incoming and outgoing transfer for the past 2 years in Wirex have been done with Faster Payments. Aside from the stray 3 or 4. :sweat_smile: Would business accounts still have Faster Payments available?

Thanks in advance.


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Any updates?
Especially with new mastercard switch over
Any etas