Gbp stolen and btc missing, what’s happening wirex?


(575677) Since December I have had almost £150 gbp stolen from my account in small transactions. I reported to wirex immediately who said they would investigate. 4 months have gone by as I’m still out of pocket? Wirex said it will take 30 days to investigate then changed this to 60, then 120 and now 180?

In addition they have now finally blocked my card after requesting them to do so after months yet I’ve now been without a card for over a month yet they claim it has been sent? It hasn’t as in this time my partner opened an account and received her card?? Wirex have also continued to charge me £1 a month for the card holder even though I’m not a card holder, again I’ve opened a ticket yet they just close it. They said if I’m not happy about it then to make an complaint to a different email address they have which I did but then wirex just close that ticket and merge it back with the original ticket? What a joke!

I also have a btc payment missing, not for the first time (745883) which I’ve opened a ticket with them yet this too was ignored? Do wirex actually have any staff? Blockchain shows that it was received as of the 5/4/19 at 01:04 yet wirex have kept this btc and not credited it to my account.

In summary not only have people been stealing money from my gbp wallet but wirex are helping them self to my btc wallet also!

Wirex used to be good but it appears the company is going down hill drastically.

Two days and still now reply even on the community forum?

edit: wrong thread sorry

This forum is pretty much a ghost town. Ping one of the moderators in the Telegram group.

I myself have been having issues.transfered £25 to my wirex account and it’s been pending for over 16 hours now.funny thing is yesterday it was fine but now each time I try and do a transfer it’s declined and also where it says pending it’s in grey and I can’t access anything been in touch with customer support plus keep getting the same email over and over again no help at all the worst thing is wirex took the money from my account which is a metro account but won’t let me access my funds does anyone have the same problem because I totally give up now.