Get away faster with X-Accounts

We can’t control the weather. We can’t guarantee that the Northern Lights will shine, or that your sun lounger will still be free when you get back from the bar.

What we can do is make saving up for your next getaway that much easier, thanks to X-Accounts. Secure, quick to set up and easy to use, X-Accounts let you earn up to 12% APR on selected currencies (or up to 16% if you choose to be paid in WXT!). That’s more than 100x the national average interest rate.

There are no term limits or maintenance fees, plus you can withdraw your savings at any time with zero charges. But don’t be hasty - the longer you leave your money in an X-Account, the more you’ll earn!

Time to upgrade that double room to a suite, perhaps?

How to open an X-Account

Earn as you save in five simple steps.

  1. Sign in to Wirex (Please make sure you have the updated version of the app)

  2. Add funds to your account by linking your credit or debit card or transferring in from your external crypto wallet. If you already have funds and you want to see them grow in your Wirex wallet you can simply move them over to your X-accounts.

  3. Decide what you’re saving for, pick your currencies and open your X-Accounts in-app. Don’t forget to name them after whatever it is you’re saving for!

  4. Add funds to your X-Accounts

  5. We’ll do the rest - just sit back and watch your savings grow while earning up to 16% AER interest. Don’t worry! You can instantly withdraw your funds at any time at no extra cost.

Check out our latest blog and our X-accounts How it works video for more information on this super-simple and effective way to save.

*Read the X-account T&Cs here


That sounds good, I’m planning to open an X-Account sooner :relieved:


You Should bro ! :star_struck::star_struck:

X-Accounts of wirex is the best you can earn while doing nothing :fire::exploding_head::exploding_head:


I like the product but it is important to say that funds are not insured (you can loose everything) and that the daily withdraw limit of crypto is capped at 10.000 usd per day.

That said, I currently trust WireX with some of my funds.


Thanks sir for your feedback.

We love you


Who else is enjoying the % :cupcake: :pie: :birthday: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

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