Get your finances back on track this year!

Savings seen better days?

It’s easy for your finances to get derailed during the festive season. But we’ve got some ideas to help you get them right back on track. Read on for the lowdown.

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Exchange for less

Make the most of exclusive OTC rates every time you buy or exchange crypto in the Wirex app. We’ve got 30+ top tokens waiting to be a part of your portfolio.

Earn industry-best interest rates

Everyone needs X-Accounts in their lives. They let you earn up to 16% AER on select currencies with no fees, no fixed terms and no complicated steps. Score.

Save on overseas spending

Whether you’re spending abroad or switching up your traditional currencies in-app, Wirex lets you do so with zero fees on FX. That’ll save you 3% compared to the competition.

Enjoy rewards with every tap

Paying with your Wirex card doesn’t just mean futuristic multicurrency spending, it also means instant crypto rewards. Use it in-store or online to instantly receive up to 2% in WXT.

Withdraw for free

Your Wirex card lets you withdraw up to €400 a month for free, wherever you are in the world.



Hello Guys!

I have a question for all of you, because the Wirex app and everything connected to it, you know much more than I do. I am interested in how can I transfer money from my bank account to wirex account, or with as little expense as possible.

I’m very grateful in advance for all your replays.