Get your hands on a limited-edition Wirex NFT

The WXT birthday celebrations continue! We’re feeling generous – which is why we’ve teamed up with Terra Virtua to give you a chance to get your hands on some limited-edition, Wirex-branded vFlects NFTs.

We’ve only got 500 to give away, so you’d better be fast. All you have to do is subscribe or upgrade to a Premium or Elite price plan between 7-14th of June, and you’re in the running!

What are NFTs?

In case you’re not aware of NFTs, here’s a quick rundown.

NFT stands for “non-fungible token”, which runs on the blockchain. To put it simply, it’s something that’s completely unique and irreplaceable. So, if you traded it, you’d get something completely different in return. This is what makes NFTs valuable, as they are one of a kind and cannot be replicated or replaced, like a piece of digital art. While this kind of digital item is easily duplicated, an NFT gives it authenticity by providing a certificate of full ownership. It’s beneficial in helping solve the long-running problem of claiming ownership over something that’s easily duplicated.

NFTs can also be used for verifying ownership of music. While an mp3 file can also be easily duplicated, an NFT will certify it as something that’s original, limited edition and cannot be copied. Also, a musician may release a limited number of NFTs containing a special remix of their song, and so only a small number of people will ever own them.

While digital items can still be duplicated, the NFT certificate itself cannot. As a result, it still holds its value as an original.


X-tras and NFTs Terms & Conditions
The following terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to the X-tras and NFTs Promotion (the “Promotion”) which is offered by Wirex Pte Ltd in the Asia Pacific (“APAC”) and UAB Wirex in the European Economic Area (“EEA”) region (each separately referred to as “Wirex”) in association with Terra Virtua Limited (“Terra Virtua”).
1. The Promotion will run from 08:00 (BST) on 07 June 2021 until 23:59 (BST) on 13 June 2021 (“Promotion Period”).
2. This Promotion is only open to verified users of the Wirex Service as defined by the applicable Wirex terms & conditions: Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone) resident in the EEA region and the APAC region (Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone) (“Eligible Participants”). For the avoidance of doubt, no other users of the Wirex Service are eligible to participate in this Promotion.
3. The Promotion applies to Eligible Participants who upgrade to Elite or Premium subscriptions during the Promotion Period (“Qualifying Action“).
4. Any Eligible Participants who make a Qualifying Action prior to or after the Promotion Period will not be counted.
5. Any transaction made before or after the Promotion Period will not constitute a Qualifying Action and will not be counted.
6. The Reward will be awarded to the first 500 Eligible Participants who upgrade to either to Elite or Premium subscriptions during the Promotion Period (the “Promotion Winners”).
7. The Promotion Winners will be assessed and selected based on the date and time during the Promotion Period.
8. The Reward will be sent to the Winners within 30 Working Days after the end of Promotion Period and the Wirex Branded v-Flect will be sent to the Winners within 30 Working Days of the Winners successfully redeeming their Terra Virtua Redemption Code.
9. Wirex retains the right to amend, vary or cancel the Promotion Winners criteria at any time without notice or liability.
10. “Reward” means the Terra Virtua Redemption Code that entitles the Promotion Winner to a Wirex Branded v-Flect.
11. “Terra Virtua Redemption Code” means the redemption code issued by Terra Virtua subject to its terms and conditions at and the following redemption code terms:
a. The discount will be reflected when valid redemption code is keyed in at
b. The redemption code’s validity is as follows: 15 June 2021 – 31 December 2021.
c. The redemption code must be redeemed on by 31 December 2021.The redemption code will expire on 31 December 2021 if it is not redeemed prior to that date. Expired redemption codes will not be extended.
d. The Wirex Branded v-Flect is non-transferable, non-cumulative and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, offers, cashback sites, rewards, loyalty programmes, discounts, packages purchased or vouchers redemption.
e. The Wirex Branded v-Flect cannot be exchanged for cash or other products.
f. In the event of any dispute relating to the Wirex Branded v-Flect, the decision of Terra Virtua shall be final.
g. Terra Virtua reserves the right to terminate, suspend or cancel (in whole or in part) the redemption codes linked this Promotion.
h. Terra Virtua reserves the right to amend the Terra Vitrua Terms from time to time without prior notice and without any liability.(together, the ““Terra Virtua Terms”).
12. “Wirex Branded v-Flect” means the non-fungible token (otherwise known as an “NFT”) with Wirex branding issued by Terra Virtua.
13. “Working Days” means Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and any public holidays when the banks of England are closed for business.
14. Subject to applicable law, Wirex will not under any circumstances be liable to compensate Wirex users, Eligible Participants or any other third parties for any losses or damages occurring as a result of their participation or attempted participation in this Promotion.
15. Wirex may, at its sole discretion, revise any of these Terms or terminate this Promotion at any time without prior notice to Wirex users, Eligible Participants or other third parties.
16. This Promotion is launched by Wirex independently and there are no partnerships between Wirex and any merchant or other third parties relating to this Promotion.
17. The Terms of this Promotion are governed by the laws of England and the parties irrevocably agree that the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear, settle and/or determine any dispute, controversy or claim (including any non-contractual dispute, controversy or claim) arising out of or in connection with this Promotion.

What about people with an existing Premium or Elite membership? Are we also eligible to win?

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Mah, l’applicazione non permette l’upgrade!!! Problema già segnalato a Marzo 2021, ma mai avuto risposta dal supporto.

Salve @Federico , se non hai ricevuto risposta dal supporto, potresti condividere con me il numero di riferimento del tuo ultimo biglietto in modo che possa rintracciarlo per te? Grazie

Hello there @MrPete , for existing Premium users they can upgrade to the Elite subscriptions during the Promotion Period. Please kindly check:

Hope this help, please let me know if you have further questions. Thank you