Get your hands on some spooktacular crypto this Halloween!

Excited for Halloween?

So are we. That’s why we’ve reimagined some of your favourite crypto as classic Halloween characters!

Don’t forget, you can buy and exchange these top tokens in the Wirex app at exclusive OTC rates.

Which ones will you choose?

BTC Devil – Trident in hand and ruler of crypto, this classic token can be summoned for transparency and fast transaction speeds.

ETH Ghost – A spine-chilling token that haunts your hallways with peer-to-peer transactions and smart contract creations.

WXT Pirate – Treasure, you say? WXT has plenty of it! Our most sought-after jewels are Cryptoback™ rewards, which you can earn by using your Wirex card for your online and in-store shopping.

SNX Witch – Head on over to the cabin in the woods, where you’ll find SNX’s hidden potions. Use these concoctions to bring to life your own crypto assets that mimic the value of existing crypto and traditional currencies.

BAT Bat – You’ll find BAT hanging around the deepest and darkest caves, ready to fly out at you when you watch certain ad content through the Brave browser.

NANO Zombie – This token is well-known for skulking around abandoned graveyards, looking to feed on slow transaction speeds.

XLM Vampire – XLM lurks in hidden alleyways in the dead of the night, seeking out high fees and slow transactions to lure to their fate.

DAI Werewolf – When the full moon is out, DAI transforms into a powerful creature made up of efficiency, transparency and stability.

We’ve got plenty of other crypto to choose from in the Wirex app. Check them out here.



Bitcoin will always be my first choice. :raised_hands: :gem:

WXT Pirate for the win!!
Wirex to Saturn!!

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Wirex wxt pirate for me… Aye aye captain!!!

Honestly, i will choose WXT PIRATE :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

XLM the Vampire XD ,

Wxt is XLM relatives

Wirex pirate :heart: