[GIVEAWAY] 🔱 WIN your own exclusive Nereus Shapeshifter!

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*Subject to the T&Cs and Privacy Policy

Want to get your hands on a highly coveted Nereus Shapeshifter NFT? Together with the Nereus Finance team, we’re giving you one for FREE!

All you have to do is:

:pushpin: Download Wirex Wallet Wirex | Cross-chain wallet for DeFi and NFTs

:pushpin: Follow @wirexapp and @nereusfinance on Twitter

:pushpin: Like and RT

We’ll announce the winner on October 11 2022. The Nereus team will be in touch directly with the winner after the competition to send their NFT. Subject to the T&Cs and Privacy Policy

Wirex Wallet NFT Giveaway Terms and Conditions ("T&C”)
APAC: Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand
NFT - Non-Fungible- Token.
Social Giveaway Post - the post shared via a Wirex Social Media Platform titled “Wirex Wallet Social Giveaway”.
Sponsor The sponsor of the Giveaway is Nereus Finance.
Wirex – the organizer of the Giveaway, .
Wirex Service - platform accessible through the Wirex application, which is available for download on mobile device and website at https://wirexapp.com, that allows to buy, sell and manage supported currencies and digital payment tokens, as well as to apply for, manage and load money onto a Wirex payment card.
Working Days - Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and any public holidays when the banks of England are closed for business. Wirex Social Media Platform Official Account - Twitter: (https://mobile.twitter.com/wirexapp/) Nereus Social Media Platform- Twitter: (https://twitter.com/nereusfinance )
WXT- the Wirex Token on the Wirex Service -
Wirex Wallet - keyless non-custodial crypto wallet for storing, growing and earning rewards on your crypto assets and NFTs.
Wirex Community Forum -the Wirex community platform which is a space for discussion among Wirex members hosted on the Wirex website: https://community.wirexapp.com/ 5.
Wirex Community Team - consists of the following two members of the marketing team who are available to help during the Competition: @Ali_Wirex and @Kerri_Wirex.
1. Agreement to Rules:
1.1 By participating, you agree to be fully unconditionally bound by these terms and conditions, and you represent and warrant that you meet the eligibility requirements set forth herein. In addition, you agree to accept the decisions of Wirex, as final and binding as it relates to the content. The Giveaway is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws.
2. Eligibility
2.1 This Giveaway is open to users of the Wirex Service only (as defined by the applicable Wirex terms & conditions: Wirex | Terms and policies 2 (EEA) and Wirex | Terms and policies 1 (APAC)) resident in the European Economic Area (“EEA’) and APAC region who have installed Wirex Wallet (“Eligible Participants”, “you”, “your”). For the avoidance of doubt, no other users of the Wirex Service are eligible for this Giveaway.
3 Timescale:
The Giveaway will run from 12PM (BST+8) on 6th October 2022 until 00:00 (BST+8) on 10th October 2022 (the “Giveaway Period”).
3.1 To qualify for the Giveaway, Eligible Participants must complete one of the following conditions:
a) Follow @wirexapp and @nereusfinance on Twitter;
b) Like the Social Giveaway Post ;
c) Download the Wirex Wallet App;
d) Tag 3 Friends in the comment section of the Social Giveaway Post;
e) Retweet the Social Giveaway Post on your Twitter.
3.2 Wirex will select one (1) Eligible Participant, who complete a one of the above conditions as the Winner of this Giveaway ( “the Winner”).The Winner will be selected by random drawing from among all Eligible Participants received until 00:00 (BST+8) on 10th October 2022 under the supervision of Wirex. The Winner will be notified. If the Winner cannot be contacted, is ineligible, fails to claim the prize within 7 days from the time award notification was sent, or fails to timely return a completed and executed Affidavit/Release as required, the prize may be forfeited, and an alternate Winner selected.
3.3 The Winners will be contacted by a member of the Wirex Community Team via private message from the relevant Wirex Social Media Platform Official Account within 5 days of the winner selection. Wirex shall have no liability for a Winner’s failure to receive notices due to spam, junk e-mail or other security settings or for a Winner’s provision of incorrect or otherwise non-functioning contact information.
3.4 Once a Winner is contacted by private message from a member of the Wirex team via a Wirex Social Media Platform, the Winner will have to respond to the message confirming their NFT address registered on the Ethereum blockchain via the Wirex Wallet within 48 hours of receiving the message to claim their prize. If a Winner does not reply within 48 hours of receiving the message Wirex reserves the right to select another Winner (please note, Wirex will never ask for any other account details via social media message, please do not provide any other information about your account in response to the notification) (“Qualifying Action”). Receipt of the prize offered in this Giveaway by the Winner is conditioned upon compliance with any and all applicable laws and regulations. Any violation of these official rules by the Winner at Wirex’s sole discretion will result in the Winner’s disqualification as winner, and all privileges as Winner will be immediately terminated.
4. Reward
4.1 The selected Eligible Participants who complete a Qualifying Task during the Competition Period will be rewarded with the exclusive Shapeshifter NFT from Sponsor (the “Reward”).
4.2 The Winner will be eligible to receive the Reward only once.
4.3 The Reward will be transferred to the Winner’s NFT account on the Ethereum blockchain via the Wirex Wallet within 30 Working Days of their WW Qualifying Action.
4.4 The Reward will be paid into the Winner’s NFT wallet on the Ethereum blockchain held within the Wirex Wallet. Wirex is released from responsibility in case if user provides NFT address which is not from Wirex Wallet.
5. General
5.1 Wirex reserves the right to withdraw the notification to the Winner or exclude any Eligible Participant from this Giveaway if they are in breach of any code of conduct or similar agreement between them and the relevant Wirex or Nereus Social Media Platform.
5.2 Subject to applicable law, Wirex will not under any circumstances be liable to compensate Wirex users, Eligible Participants or other third parties for any losses or damages occurring as a result of their participation or engagement with this Giveaway.
5.3 Wirex may, at its sole discretion, revise any of these Terms or terminate this Giveaway at any time without prior notice to Winners, Eligible Participants or other third parties.
5.4 Eligible Participant is solely responsible for their own comments to the Facebook, Twitter and the Wirex Community Forum platforms. Wirex has no control over each Eligible Participant’s comments, and Wirex does not endorse any Eligible Participants comments.
5.5 By participating in this Giveaway each Eligible Participant agrees for its personal information (e.g. username, forename, surname etc) to be visible to other Eligible Participants, when posting comments under Social Giveaway Posts on any of the Wirex Social Media Platform(s).
5.6 Wirex will only process personal information collected or received in connection with the Giveaway as set out in its Privacy, Data Use and Retention Policy, which is available on by clicking the following link: Wirex | Privacy, Data Use and Retention Policy.
5.7 This Giveaway is launched by Wirex independently with the attraction of the Sponsor and there are no partnerships between Wirex and any merchant or other third parties relating to this Giveaway.
5.8 The Terms of this Giveaway are governed by the laws of England and the parties irrevocably agree that the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear, settle and/or determine any dispute, controversy or claim (including any non-contractual dispute, controversy or claim) arising out or in connection with this Giveaway unless an directly applicable rule regarding jurisdiction or governing law applies.
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