Go green with Wirex this World Earth Day

Today is World Earth Day, an annual event first held in 1970, which brings people together from all over the world to help protect the environment. This year’s theme is ‘Restore our Earth’, and here at Wirex, we’re taking steps of our own to try and do just that.

You may have noticed your Wirex Mastercard arrive in some pretty swanky green packaging. But looking good isn’t all it does. Our stylish Burgopaks are not only recyclable, they’re stripped back to reduce material usage and water consumption.

Haven’t got yours yet? Order your card now.

Packaging aside, using Wirex offers plenty of other eco-friendly perks. There’s no denying it - digital finance is the way forward. It eliminates the need for physical money, paper statements, car trips to the bank and much more.

Together we can make a difference. Go green with Wirex this World Earth Day!!