Google / Apple Pay

Hello. I would like to know if Wirex Card is compatible with Apple Pay. Thank you.


The same question :thinking: How can i verify the card with google pay? When i add my card it asked me to email my code or call bank



Unfortunately, Google/Apple Pay is unavailable yet for Wirex. However, our relevant team is currently working on the implementation of this feature in the nearest future. Once this is done, we will immediately announce it on our social media, so watch out for our product updates.

Thank you for understanding!


What? I use only Wirex with Google pay! How it is possible?

Hello!? Can anybody answer?

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Hello Ville,

Apologies for the late reply.

I have already forwarded this to our Technical Team and will update you via the support ticket shortly.

Thank you for your cooperation!

I have tried to link my Wirex Card to Google Pay, but I have not been able to do it.

In order to verify the card they offer 2 options:
-By email, but not my email, another one ending in
-By telephoning the bank…

None of this is working. Is there a way to do it, so I can pay with Wirex only with my phone through NFC?
Thanks in advance and regards.

Hello Jose Luis,

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Unfortunately, we have not implemented the Google/Apple pay option for our cards yet. However, our relevant team is currently working on the implementation of this feature in the nearest future.

Warm regards.

I could add it too but not the contactless
Which means you can use it only online.

+1 please add the contactless in store payment by phone feature so we do not have to carry around the physical card just our phones :slight_smile: First world problems.

Hi Szabolcs,

I appreciate your suggestion and I can state for sure that there are plans to add mobile payments in the future. Still, we have no ETA at the moment.

Of course, we will send you a notification once this feature is available.

Best regards!

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Tenho o cartão há algum tempo mas nunca o ativei e vou pela vossa insistência começar atrabalhar com a Wirex ,NÃO TENHO PIN QUE FAÇO PARA O OBTER ?


Hi Manuel,

You can check the PIN code for your card in your app anytime, please check our guide on this matter:

Also, it is possible to change your PIN at any ATM supporting this function. You can also check your current PIN in your Wirex app:

Best regards!

Excellent I cant wait to use it on Google pay.

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Can I use now my wirex card with Apple Pay?I think it’s still not working.

Hi Baba, welcome to our community!

Currently, Apple Pay is yet to be introduced, our relevant department is working on the implementation asap.

You will receive a notification once this is available, please keep an eye on our product updates.

Warm regards.

Cant believe I’m paying 1.20€/month and it’s still impossible to use Apple Pay. What’s the problem with it?
The topic came up 2 YEARS AGO(!) and isn’t still solved.

Hi @Ibertag,

We are sincerely sorry for your unpleasant experience.

The relevant team is working on implementing this option in the future.

Best wishes!

Works fine for me on Google Pay, good stuff :+1:

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