[Guide] Avoiding Wirex Fees sending WXT on Avalanche (AVAX) Chain

Using Exchange in Wirex is comfortable, but expensive. Let me show you why:
All trades and prices are almost at the same time. Notation is 1.000,00€ (dot for k and comma for decimals)

Market prices:
Market price on Kucoin: 1WXT = 0,006483€

Market price on Wirex : 1WXT = 0,006435€

Trading on Wirex:
Buy WXT with 1000€ on Wirex-Exchange seems to bee feeless:
1000€ = 152.049,227662WXT so you buy not at market price but for: 1 WXT= 0,0065768€ (1€/152,049227)
So with 1.000€ you lose about 3.000 WXT or 19€ against market price.

Sell WXT for EUR on Wirex-Exchange:
86705 WXT = 537,47€. Fee is 1.483 WXT = 9,57 (market price). BUT trading price is: 0,0063067€ (1€/158,561756). Even without fee the price to buy WXT on Wirex exchange is 4,3% higher then selling WXT here.

How to avoid it?
To be honest, I just want the Stellar-chain (XLM) back. That was the cheapest way to avoid this.
You can’t use Ethereum-chain (ERC20) instead, because gas-fees around 30€ are much worse.
But you can use C-chain (AVAX) instead.
First of all you need a wallet like MetaMask and AVAX C-Chain on it.
Guide is here:

Network Name : Avalanche Network
New RPC URL : https(colon)//api(dot)avax(dot)network/ext/bc/C/rpc
ChainID : 43114
Symbol : AVAX
and so on.

Then send an amount AVAX of your choice to this network-address to pay gas fees later. Then import WXT-Token (ERC20) to this network.
Token-Adrees is here:
Guide how to add it:

Then you can send WXT from Wirex via C-chain to your wallet.
Fee: 47,13WXT (0,30€).
The transfer didn’t even last a minute to be completed. But due to new limits you have to withdraw a minimum value of 150$.

Now you can swap wxt on chain using metamask to USDC (I recommend USDC here, but used USDT).
SWAP 86.658 WXT to 606,68USDT. SWAP-FEE: 0,02967 AVAX (~2,10€)

If anyone knows a cheaper way - please let me know.

Now send this to an exchange of your choice supporting C-chain. (I took Binance here).
FEE: 0,0030717 AVAX (0,22€)

I already had another 220 USDT in here for testing - don’t care about that.

GAS prices are sometimes higher. I tradet at 08:00 AM UTC.
You can check this here: https(colon)//ethereumprice(dot)org/gas/

On Binance i changed the USDT to EUR:
606,68 USDT = 556€ (1USDT = 1,091€). FEE in BNB for 556€ (0,075%): 0,42€. For all 826,87 USDT it was 0,00146463 BNB.

And back to Wirex

After that I transfered 556€ to my Binance funding, so I can use it with my Binance-Card.

Now i could top up my Wirex account with my Wirex-Credit-Card for 556€. And transfered 556€ insted of 537€ to my EUR-X-Account.

One week later I will receive WXT again for my X-Savings and start this again.
WIREX → WALLET → Binance/Crypto.com/Whatever → Wirex.

Within 15 minutes I save 15€ each week

Bincance EUR - Binance-trading-fee - Avax-Sending-fee - AVAX-SWAP-fee - Wirex-Exchange-Price = saved money
556€ - 0,42€ - 0,22€ - 2,10 - 537,47€ = 15,79€
Theoretically: changing without transfer and fees on market-price would have been: 86705WXT * 0,00645€ = 559,25€. So I paid 6€ fees at all.

If you are happy to save a lot of money now, feel free to donate me:
WXT on Avalanche C-Chain (AVAX): 0x353396548876E57C1bFe446F4A7f325CffE74E00
USDT on Stellar-Chain (TRC20 / XLM): TGEffQD95ekkBJGx1rCFdH3zyXPMDackoX
USDT on Avalanche C-Chain (AVAX): 0x89f12819fdbe6d551331d8bf9ae2cfb43f78b242

Best regards

P.S.: Third post, because the first two wer merged to a support ticket that has nothing to do with.


Don’t do this anymore.
Instead sent WXT via Avalanche to gate.io and change it to USDt. Go on from there as you like.


thanks for post and update


hi yes Gate IO wxt is supported Cchain