Happy 11.11, Wirexers!

Single or not, we hope you’re ready to celebrate! We’re spoiling you with stacks of bonus rewards this Singles’ Day.

All you’ve got to do is buy and hold 11,111 WXT, and you’ll be treated to an enormous 11.11% Cryptoback™ rewards in WXT!

Receive bonus rewards for all online purchases - on Shopee, Taobao, Lazada, Twitch, SteamGames and more - until midnight on the 12th of November.

If your rewards don’t appear right away, don’t worry - they’ll be automatically credited after the campaign has ended.

Check out the full T&Cs HERE and buy yourself some WXT!

This promotion is only applicable to Visa cards issued in Singapore.


Hello @Ali_Wirex,

This promotion is only for Singapore issued Visa cards only right?

I hope that you have one available like it for the rest of us as well eventually.

By the way any word when the new MasterCard for tier 3 share holders will be sent out?

Have a wonderful day!

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Hello @opmiami :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Yes indeed:

But we may have something similar. Let’s hope! :crossed_fingers:

Regarding the new mastercard card (non-investor), we will get news shortly. We know it will launch in December. More info here:

Investors will have news very soon. The collection of crowdcube payments were made recently, which means that within 1 month we will have news (and we will be able to obtain our sharing documentation).

Let’s stay tuned. :eyes:

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Avrei un informazione qualcuno sa perché non mi fa attivare il conto ETH?