Happy birthday WXT!

Our native token, WXT, turns one today! And what a year it’s been - since its launch, WXT holders have earned over 1.94 billion Satoshis through our Cryptoback™ rewards programme.

If you’re not yet familiar with it, WXT is our native utility token, which brings its holders exclusive offers and extras unavailable to everyone else. Holding WXT is like joining our virtual members-only club - the more you hold, the more you get out of Wirex.

Heavily-reduced fees, supercharged Cryptoback™ rewards and upcoming benefits like airport lounge access - just for having WXT.

If you’re not a part of the WXT community yet, now is definitely the time to join. We’ve got all sorts going on this weekend to celebrate one year of the Wirex token! To kick off the big birthday weekend in style, we’re bumping up WXT holders with a minimum of 10,000 WXT in their wallets to receive the benefits of the tier above. These benefits include enhanced Cryptoback™ - that’s up to 1.5% BTC back when you use your Wirex card in-store, and up to 100% discount on fees, including exchange fees and bank transfer fees. Enhanced rewards last for a limited time this weekend, from 12:00AM SGT June 27 (GMT+8).

  • Hold 10,000 - 49,999 WXT → Bump up - Benefits of Tier 1 (25% fee discount, 0.75% Cryptoback)
  • Hold 50,000 WXT-99,999 WXT → Bump up - Benefits of Tier 2 (50% fee discount, 1.00% Cryptoback)
  • Hold 100,000 WXT-499,999 WXT → Bump up - Benefits of Tier 3 (100% fee discount, 1.5% Cryptoback)

Sound too good to miss? Buy now if you’re not already holding at least 10,000 WXT and get a taste of what life could be like a tier up - you may not want to come back down.

But that’s not all, we’ve also got an unmissable competition coming up for you loyal Wirexers…




Great work!


Thanks Dave! Appreciate your support!


Hello Ali1
I have one question…I saw in fb post of wirex that I won 0.5 btc.image

Is this real or fake?

Thank you.

Hi there Teji, please know that this is not from us. It is a fake page from scammers who are impersonating Wirex. Please do not send them any details or personal information. We have already reported these fake pages to Facebook. However, if you can, please also report and block the page as well. Thank you so much for getting in touch to make sure. We appreciate it. All the best and stay safe.


Hi Ali!
Thanks for zour answer.I thought too that this is scammers.I never give my wirex details to noone.
I will report this fake fb site too.
Have a nice day.

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Thank you Teji, have a wonderful day. All the best!

get your money out of wires, they are being hacked left, right and centre. they do not accept that their security is cr*p. 26 days without access to my account and £2k missing. No proper response from wirex. do not take the risk, remove your crypto

Uhm… never had a problem 'till now.
Just my credit card was put out of order, due to inactivity, but it was a fault of mine.
I’m waiting for the new Wirex Mastercard…

Happy birthday WXT am happy to be here


Hello! Get that Wirex bonus points :raised_hands:t2:

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Hello! I want the Wirex Bonus :sweat_smile::raised_hands:t2::100:

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