Hello dear wirex!

Hi all! I leave my daily review about this service. So they didn’t change my email, more than two weeks have passed, they write me the same thing every day that the team is working, hahaha, what is it working on? I wanted to use this service, but now I will advise everyone to run away from here, a lot of dissatisfied people, a lot of bad reviews, support, as always, does nothing. RUN FROM HERE!!! LISTEN TO ME, YOU WILL NEVER BE HELPED HERE! They just lay on you and are not shy! Thank you WIREX!!
My Request ID #2017828 look at this circus! )))

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@Shad The issue has been escalated to our Support team. Please note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

Hahaha,I hear this every day, they write the same messages to me, your team does nothing but respond to messages)))

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