Help Grow the Wirex Community and Earn BTC

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Bitten by the bitcoin bug? Want to earn more bitcoins? By simply referring us, you can earn yourself a little (or a lot) extra BTC :slightly_smiling_face: Whether you’re a vlogger/blogger, Instagram model or traditional publisher, share the Wirex content with your audience (friends and family) as a Wirex affiliate and earn rewards in bitcoin. How it works Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Login to your Wirex account Share the affiliate link located in your profile with your…

@lan3jur if you need more inspiration on what you can provide; you can find it here :wink:

The full post is not loading? :frowning:

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Hey , check now, it seems to work for me now if you click on the actual link up the top

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That works thanks.

But I still don’t have an account since somebody (you know who you are :slight_smile: ) at WireX told me to wait a bit …

Like this comment if you think I should make a tutorial on how to do this?

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