High five - 5.5 is here!

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Get your Wirex card ready for action - the 5.5 sales are just around the corner!

Not only can you score some serious bargains on this special day of deals and discounts, but you’ll also earn up to 8% Cryptoback™ rewards while doing so!

Plus, you can significantly speed up your shopping experience by linking your Wirex card to your favourite apps. Be first in line to grab those bargains and rake in those rewards!

Got your purchases all planned out? We’ve calculated the amount of Cryptoback™ rewards you can earn on some popular sale items.

Check them out - you might be surprised…

Want to earn the highest rate of Cryptoback™ rewards? It’s easy. By upgrading your price plan or locking WXT to move up a tier, you can earn as much as 8% back on every purchase.

Don’t let rewards that high pass you by!


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