Highly recommended article to know about Wirex's criteria to block your account

I really recommend this article for those who’s account have been blocked. It describes the different scenarios that Wirex takes into account in order to potentially block your card. It also talks about AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC ( Know Your Customer), two acronyms to get familiar with.

"there could be a variety of different different scenarios. It could be one of transactions … it could be based on turnover, and it could be just an ongoing review of a specific customer based on the length of time that they’ve been with us.”


Based on a lot - and probably one of the most frequent queries Wirex users have as of late - I recommend everyone read this article!


In this part of the video that I’m sharing below, Wirex’s, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Complience Officer talk about the licenses and regulations that they have to adhere in order to operate in different regions.




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life would be easier without such requirements, but seems like it is not an option these days…