Home improvements in mind? Meet Wirex Credit

*Subject to the T&Cs and Privacy Policy

Planning some home improvements and have no time to waste on loan approvals?

With Wirex Credit, you can take out a secure stablecoin loan in the Wirex app in just 60 seconds. All you’ve got to do is use your BTC or ETH as collateral and take out a credit line in USDT, USDC or NXUSD.

Your stablecoins will be in your account straightaway and you can pay them back whenever you like.

So, no more excuses – grab your paintbrush and get to work!

The highlights:

:heavy_check_mark: Get instant loans
:heavy_check_mark: Borrow with interest from 0%

:heavy_check_mark: No lengthy credit checks

:heavy_check_mark: Borrow up to 80% of the value of your collateral

:heavy_check_mark: Pay zero fees

:heavy_check_mark: Keep your funds protected with Fireblocks

How do you get started? It’s simple.

  1. Go to Wirex Credit in-app and tap Get Started.

  2. Hit Borrow then select a cryptocurrency to use as collateral.

  3. Enter the amount you wish to use as collateral.

  4. Tap Continue, double check the details, then select Confirm.

It’s as easy as that! Your stablecoins will be available instantly, which you can then exchange into crypto or traditional currency or spend with your Wirex card.


*Availability for Wirex Credit may differ by region. All credit lines are provided in stablecoins. Cryptocurrency is volatile and all lending is conducted at the user’s risk. Subject to the T&Cs and Privacy Policy.

Really seems to be a very interesting feature especially in this period! :ok_hand:

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