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It seems that a lot of features are not available in hong kong. When I follow the steps in the post mentioned in the earlier chat it seems that I cannot access the account details? I guess there is only 1 way to add funds to wirex accounts in Hong Kong? I cannot use local traditional bank account to add funds?

I see that all features are available in Hong-Kong.


Wirex account available

Verification available

Top up with Local card

Сard available

Hong Kong

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So you can add funds to your Wirex card with your local card:


Or with traditional bank methods:

Do not forget that these help articles will guide you to get started with your Wirex account:

However, if you need additional help, you can create a support ticket here:

Select “Account top up” then “Other”.

Thank you for your understanding.


Hello Don, thank you for taking the time writing to us.

Let me inform you that unfortunately, bank transfers are not available in the APAC region. We are sorry for the inconvenience that may cause.

Best regards!

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@Anastasiia_Wirex this is exactly what I was asking about!

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Dear Don, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Please let us know should you have any further questions, we will be glad to assist you!

Have a nice day!