How can I withdraw from Wirex card to my bank account?

Hi Wirex Team,
I’m not able to operate a withdraw from my Wirex card to my bank account and I cannot found such option by using the Wirex App as I usually did in the past.
Could someone of Wirex Team support me?
Tnanks in advance,

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They have removed this, blaming Brexit. And don’t give any time scale as to when it will be back. Totally unacceptable.

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@lukegibbons86 fully agree with you.
In the meantime I’ve also open a ticket by Wirex App #394942.
We’ll see if some of relevant of Wirex Staff will reply

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Hi @FCotti :wave:

Please note that this option was temporarily disabled on 31\12\2020. The relevant notification to the email was sent on 25th of Dec. titled “Important notice: changes to the Wirex account”.

You would be able to process the transfer as soon as the IBAN back to available. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the more specific time-frame for you at the moment.

Best regards!

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Hi @wirexuser01 ,first of all thank you for your reply.
Regarding the topic, I remember such notification,but as a customer and trier3 investor,I’m feeling really disappointed that after over 3 month I cannot receive a clear update.
With great regret I’vw to admit I’m looking for other options, where relations btw Fintech Vs customers are clearer.

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