How crypto savvy is your mom?

Ever tried explaining crypto to your mom? This Mother’s Day, we thought we’d help you do just that.

Whether she’s a seasoned Wirex user, a budding crypto connoisseur or a complete BTC beginner, here’s what she needs to know!

The crypto curious mom

So, what exactly is crypto?

Think of it as digital cash. It can be sent, received, exchanged and spent in real life - whether you’re shopping online or out hunting for bargains. Your Wirex card is your key to paying in crypto - and it rewards you every time you do!

You can also effortlessly earn industry-leading interest rates of up to 20% AER on select cryptocurrencies, thanks to our next-gen savings tool, X-Accounts.

Sound too good to be true? See for yourself!

The crypto skeptic mom

You’ve probably heard all sorts of crazy things about cryptocurrency. But what is it really about, and is it worth all the hype?

Crypto is a type of virtual currency that isn’t issued by a bank, but by digital payment platforms like Wirex. We’ve got 40+ cryptocurrencies available in-app which you can instantly buy, exchange or store securely in your account.

Believe it or not, plenty of people have benefited financially from crypto. Take Erik Fineman, for example. In 2011, he borrowed $1,000 from his grandmother and used it to buy bitcoin. By 2014, he’d turned that $1,000 into $100,000, which he used to start his own online education company. Impressive, right?!

The crypto savvy mom

Who says moms can’t be into crypto? Here at Wirex, we encourage people of all ages and walks of life to discover its benefits.

But it sounds like you already have! So, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test.

Did you know that with Wirex, you can buy a fraction of all your favourite tokens, at killer OTC rates? How about the fact that you can earn unbeatable interest rates just by moving your crypto into X-Accounts? Or that you can unlock high-yield DeFi earning power with the non-custodial Wirex Wallet?

If any of this is news to you, you’ve got plenty left to explore! Why not start by downloading the Wirex Wallet?