How Cryptoreward is earned by Wirex?


can someone explain me, how wirex is able to pay Cryptoback™?
Within one year wirex pays out $1M-$2M. So where does it come from? How does the return on this investment is calculated?

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Wirex makes money from various activities such as subscriptions, transaction fees and interest on deposits. For example in 2020, Wirex reported turnover of £315m (See crowd funding campaign). Offset against this is a cost of sales to generate this income. Cryptoback would be part of this cost of sales.

If Cryptoback payouts got too high and threatened sustainability (ie ability to make a profit), I expect it would be reduced. On the other hand if they help bring in profitable customers, I expect they’ll stick around.

I’m not associated with Wirex, this is just my opinion.

Thank you, for your reply.
So in your opinion Cryptoback™ are marketing and advertising costs.
That sounds plausible to me.
I am interested in other opinions too. Escpecially from official wirex staff.