How do I enable 2FA with a new mobile?

I have a new mobile phone using the same number. How do I enable 2FA to gain access to my account. Also if you require details about recent transactions can someone tell me how this is possible when I have no access???

Hi Alan!

We will be glad to assist you with this, I have just sent you a reply to the support ticket, could you please take a look and provide us with a response?

In regards to the last two outbound transactions - please try to recall them or you can check the transaction email notifications from Wirex.

Warm regards!

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I was able to resolve my problem by using the google authenticator account transfer option - so it only took me about a minute to transfer over to my new phone…

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I am glad to know this was resolved, Alan.

Please feel free to contact us back anytime - we are always happy to help.

Have a nice week and take care!

Hi I have the same issue but have wiped my old phone and gave it to my son, what can I do


without the old phone you have to speak with support. You will have to provide a photo of you holding your passport and they will reset the 2FA.

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Hi Michael, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed response.

As I can see, our Support Team has updated you via the ticket, the issue seems to be resolved. Could you please let us know if you need any additional assistance?
We will be glad to help :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you in advance!

Hi I’m having the same issue my ticket number is (1781989) I have no access to the phone number on my Wirex and it won’t let me transfer without a code, how do I change phone number to my current one?

Hi @Shan2,

I have sent you a message via the support ticket. Please check your mailbox. Thank you!

Hi Inna,

I received your email, do I submit the info off that same email you emailed me from?

Hi @Shan2,

Yes, please send me the requested details as a reply to my email via support ticket. Thank you!

Hi Inna

I have sent them over to your email.

Hi @Shan2,

I have sent you a message via support ticket. Please check your mailbox.

Hi there - same problem as the people above - my phone had to be deleted and everything on it - i have sent the selfie with myself and passport but alas no reply - i do not have the details asked as i do not have access and i cannot remember - i also clear out emails regularly - i have sent a copy of the last bank statement showing a Wirex transfer - to be honest, it’s the lack of personal correspondence that is annoying - just nothing personal - would really love some help here - thanks Gerard

Hello Gerard, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed update.

As I can see in our database, the issue is already resolved now. Could you please check it from your end as well?

Best Regards!

Thanks for getting in touch - got sorted yes thanks

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Dear Gerard, thank you for your response!

Have a nice weekend!

Hi there - me again - i am now frozen out of my account - i have raised a ticket - what is wrong now? Would it because i used this email address? I just used this to login via Facebook to the community - i normally use for Wirex.

Thanks Gerard

Hello Gerard, I am sorry for this unpleasant situation.

I have received an update from Chat Team that the issue has been resolved for you. Could you please check your account now and let me know if any additional assistance is required? I will be glad to help.

Thank you in advance!