How long is the withdrawal process?

Hello guys… I am planning to withdraw my WXT however I have read a lot of complaints regarding transaction delays. If I am going to transfer to exchange platform say okex, how long will it take? How about transferring it to wallets like Metamask, how long is the process? What’s the fastest way without delay?

Thanks for answering wirex team.

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Last time I sent WXT via AVAX to my metamask it was a minute or 2. I haven’t tried sending to an exchange as I want to accumulate.

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@Rofo Please keep in mind that once the funds left the sending crypto wallet, it might take some time for the transaction to be completed.

Usually, a transaction gets completed within a day. In such situations, we usually advise our customers to wait. However, please do not hesitate to contact us in case the transfer is stuck in pending status for too long so that we can assist manually.