How many here have blocked accounts and not got money back

Hi i have answered your request to join forces this morning

@stangeo We have forwarded this inquiry to our relevant team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.

@Fabian_D_angelo We have escalated your case to our relevant team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.

@cazot We have forwarded this inquiry to our Verification team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.

@josemapelayo We see on our side that you have already been updated via email. Please check your mailbox including the SPAM folder just in case.

If i had a euro for any one of this messages,then i probably would not need to look for a lawyer.
Sorry maryana but before of you i gut that mail from Ilenia, Yuliia, atc…
But by now i understand tgat you really have good attention,but yiu are being used by someone in Wirex that have no attention to fix the situation, only to play with people and their money!!! And that person will wake up only with a major lawsuit. That will have publication in all the major sociale,and news. I have found the lawyer frim the UK that will love to dill with it the moment ill get few more desperate clients likeme on board. Any way tank you and Have a nice day.


Hello Marina, I have checked all my mail and I have not received anything, I am very attentive to any mail that comes to me from Wirex, and I have everything saved, including all advertising mail. But I have not received anything

I await your response thank you very much

Hello Fabian,

Let me know about that lawyer I’m ready to proceed to court.

It’s been 1 year with my account blocked and 3 months since wirex told me they will send me my money.

How could someone sleep thinking it’s okay to do this to innocent costumers?

Let me know more info I’m ready to proceed to recover my funds and of everyone here

We can proceed out of this chat lets exchange an e.mail where we can talk more freely,an actual human talk and not an automatic message :joy:.
Any way that is my personal mail . Fill free to contact me.

Hi @Alexander_Wirex how are you ? Please can you send me back the email where the additional documents have been asked ? I surely lost it in the mass mailing of wirex offers. My account is more than 1 year blocked … Thanks :blush:

Hi @Fabian_D_angelo, I can totally understand your situation. I’ve escalated the case to the financial team. I will do my best to speed up the process for you. This should be done as soon as possible. Regards!

Hi @josemapelayo, I’ll ask our Support team to send this to you again. Best regards!

Hi @andrealvesycbm, I’ve escalated the case to the financial team one more time. We’ll do our best to speed up the process for you from our side. Once we have any updates, we’ll get back to you. Regards!

Hi @G_CHRISTOPHER, sure, I will send you this email again shortly. Best regards!

Dear Fabian, yes, I have seen this. I would be keen to talk over email. Many thanks!

Dear Maryna,

I am not sure whether you are a human or an automated reply system but will reply to you with due respect either way.

I have been told that my request was escalated to the relevant team a month ago and there is no sign from the relevant team replying yet, so I sincerely doubt that you have done anything to help my case.

I have also raised a complaint through the relevant channels but have not had any response there too.
Additionally, I have shared sensitive personal information (a payslip) with wirex under the pretext of wirex needing to verify my account. Wirex have subsequently refused to give me any information on how my data are being used or why, or in fact to share the information they hold on me, which is a legal requirement for them to do under GDPR in the UK. I believe that this was deceitful solicitation of personal data and question the legality of such practices, as least in the UK.

Following on all of the reasons stated above, and given that I still have not heard anything back from wirex on any of these issues, I will go forward with pursuing my rights legally. Will be happy to chat to anyone here willing to pursue a similar route.

Kind Regards

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Hi @stangeo, we understand how dissatisfied this situation is and we are truly sorry for the long wait. Rest assured, your case has been escalated, but due to a large number of incoming requests, our department is workload and the review of your documentation takes longer than we expected. I will ask the relevant team to take a look at your account as quickly as possible.

It’s easy… if you paid with your debit card, call your bank and file a dispute… then you’ll get your money back…


Hi wirex i am waiting for my refund which i havent recieved yet. As previously stated these are my life savings and im under severe stress cause i cant pay for expenses. Can you sort it out please!. I have been waiting in good faith that this was finally sorted but im not so sure anymore. Your finance dept has all my info so please refund me as promised. Please!

Hello Alexander,

I’m I supposed to believe that after 1 year of escalating the case, you are not able to send the money to the address I provided?

You already informed me the account was going to be closed.

It’s just a matter of sending the funds to my wallet, no needs of escalating it anymore.


  1. Does any of you had their money sent back? If so, how did you do it?

  2. Any journalist or lawyer working in UK reading this, please contact me.

I’m really confident I can win in court against a company that blocked my funds for over a year, during which time bitcoin went from 29k to 68k and back to 26k, and I’m pretty confident I can receive even more money for compensation for being kept to realize profits on my account.

To close, how is wirex corporate sleeping at night? How can they justify this to themselves? Do they really think this is reasonable?

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