How many here have blocked accounts and not got money back

Hello Alexander,

I’m I supposed to believe that after 1 year of escalating the case, you are not able to send the money to the address I provided?

You already informed me the account was going to be closed.

It’s just a matter of sending the funds to my wallet, no needs of escalating it anymore.


  1. Does any of you had their money sent back? If so, how did you do it?

  2. Any journalist or lawyer working in UK reading this, please contact me.

I’m really confident I can win in court against a company that blocked my funds for over a year, during which time bitcoin went from 29k to 68k and back to 26k, and I’m pretty confident I can receive even more money for compensation for being kept to realize profits on my account.

To close, how is wirex corporate sleeping at night? How can they justify this to themselves? Do they really think this is reasonable?

Hi @Dennis, I am sorry that this is taking so much time for you. We’ll do our best from our side to speed up the process for you. Regards!

I am sorry but i am in panic now! It wasnt fun in the start but this is on wirex what happend with communication i feel like a idiot for trusting that it will be finally sorted but no… more disappointment and stress. You have my iban etc and you confirmed the release for my funds after i made official complaint. Do i need to email again and make separate complaint for release of my funds aswell? I am trying to work with you but this is terrible please i am begging you help

@andrealvesycbm we are deeply sorry that this is taking place for you. We are doing our best from our side to speed up the process. Thank you for your patience. Regards!

@Dennis I can completely understand how frustrating and stressful this must be. That is why I am really doing my best to help you on the case. However, there is not much we can do here. We have to wait for the relevant team to check this, unfortunately. We’ll get back to you once there is any update. Kind regards!

Waiting for that
Hope you can do it

Waiting for that
Hope you can do something

¿Cinco meses con la cuenta bloqueada por motivos de seguridad?

¿Puede alguien mirar mi num de referencia 1784541 por favor?
Necesito una respuesta, situación muy desesperada

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I just got this app and was hoping to to use it Im BRAND NEW and I’m still waiting I can’t make a new account because it asks for a phone number and u can’t use the same one I think I type the wrong number address BUT THAT DONT MEAN U CLOSE MY WHOLE ACCOUNT WITHOUT NOTICE

@josemapelayo We have forwarded this inquiry to our Support team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.

Can you help me out I’m brand new I just wanted to get started using it now

I’m starting to feel like my reply is irrelevant my reverence code is 1785428 if anyone would like to help me out all I did was mess up the address I’m brand new and this is crazy really hoping I can trust this app from what I’ve been reading.

I’m brand new to the app just got it and sent a ticket a couple of days ago no response I’m stressed out! I can’t even make a new account because u need another number this is ridiculous! How can any trust this app if they block without notice some people live of this I bet and without notice you ruin there lives I won’t be the one I want my account checked please and thank you soon not months just like all the rest of your blocked feed.

@Capawrac_29181 The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

Come on whats happening? Ticket 1396781. Doesnt wirex follow its own words when confirming a refund in one of your OWN Official letters to me? You have had a reasonable amount of time to refund me i have before weekend made a Inquiry in this tread… Still nothing can Wirex comply with your own words? Refund me and we can go separate ways? I expect a solution immediately!

Hello @Dennis, I am really sorry for this situation. I’ve escalated this case to the Support team, they will get in touch with you shortly.

Support bots repeat the same thing over and over.

Took one year with the account blocked to decide to close my account permanently and ask me for the info to refund.

And now 3 months to refund?

Anyone here received their refund already?

I read this and I was thinking the same thing.

Wirex is showing really shady way of operating!

Anyone got their money back?

Anyone knows how to proceed and take legal action?

Because Wirex is registered, they need to comply and respond to the law

@andrealvesycbm Unfortunately, such cases differ in duration due to various factors. Therefore, we cannot provide you with any specific timeframes for this particular case resolution.