How many here have blocked accounts and not got money back

I cant believe. I have received my money on my account after 4 months.


How did you do that do you have any tips?


HI thank you :heart:

My account is blocked with funds for 2 years! I am sending tickets everyday from now since I got my money back! No answers for now only typical messages about relevant team etc for 2 years! Unbelievable!

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Patience :relaxed::relaxed:

Seriously dont tell me to be patient thats insulting!!! I have been without access since april of my life savings and you tell me to be patient Seriously fuk you!!!


Hello @Lquid, our Support team will contact you on this matter at the nearest time. Regards!

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The support team do their best to fixed the issue. I’m sorry for this kind of situation I know How frustrated you feeling but being patience now is the best option. I hope you understand.

Thank you.

It’s sad to see that nothing changes here, More complaints, More blocked accounts, Always the same answers from the staff.
Say goodbye to your money … Hopefully you will get a reply by Email that will ask you to justify all the crypto transactions … impossible, Basically the crypto was invented to be anonymous.
And even with a lot of luck they will involve you stacking fees (check Youtube) Outrageously massive fees.
Everything is done to give you nothing back and keep everything for themselves.
You who read me and who are lucky enough to still have access to your account … Remove absolutely everything and Run away!
(A former user who was scandalously stolen by Wirex)


@Markus45 We see on our side that you were contacted via ticket #1302407 and no response was received from you. Please locate the email and reply accordingly.

Hi Alexander, what happens?

Hi Maryna, anything in my mail, is it a bad joke?

Hi Malouls, help me please, I have no answer

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Hi Alex, please do something !

@josemapelayo We have escalated this inquiry once again and hope the process will speed up. Kind regards!

Your done creating ticket ? If not you can create here.

Godbless. Thank you

Every week from six months ago

Time goes absolutely nothing happens as usual with wirex also your in violation of my countries national law when you blocked me without specifying what my so called “violation was” in my country we have something called consumer rights since i dont live i a East block country we have things like that. And since wirex confirmed that i was to be refunded remaining funds its all on you. Oh also i Kinda get this scam more now by never refunding you just let your fee tick on so even if you refund the customer get wery little back. I guess the only way to prove me wrong is to actually refund me without charging illegal fees.

Hi @Dennis, according to our T&Cs, we reserve the right not to disclose the reason. Feel free to check them here: Wirex | General Terms of Service
Also, as it was already said, once the relevant team checks the case and updates us, we’ll get back to you. Kind regads!

You can have your local terms of service, but you have to also respect the European legislation.
Thus, inform customers what’s happening, how long will it take, giving any indication on their matter.

No robotic replies please.

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