How many here have blocked accounts and not got money back

Time goes absolutely nothing happens as usual with wirex also your in violation of my countries national law when you blocked me without specifying what my so called “violation was” in my country we have something called consumer rights since i dont live i a East block country we have things like that. And since wirex confirmed that i was to be refunded remaining funds its all on you. Oh also i Kinda get this scam more now by never refunding you just let your fee tick on so even if you refund the customer get wery little back. I guess the only way to prove me wrong is to actually refund me without charging illegal fees.

Hi @Dennis, according to our T&Cs, we reserve the right not to disclose the reason. Feel free to check them here: Wirex | General Terms of Service
Also, as it was already said, once the relevant team checks the case and updates us, we’ll get back to you. Kind regads!

You can have your local terms of service, but you have to also respect the European legislation.
Thus, inform customers what’s happening, how long will it take, giving any indication on their matter.

No robotic replies please.

Same here - Tickets (2066565 & 2068824) were raised when suddenly last Friday my account was blocked with no warning. Proof of address was requested, I have both uploaded two different utility bills and the app still just keeps requesting POA. Support has contacted me (Saturday) and I have sent both documents, these emails have been view 17 times by wirex and yet my account remains blocked and I have had no other contact by wirex

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@ichigo500 We are working according to EU legislation. EU law does allow our T&Cs exist and work. Also, Wirex is not required and may be prohibited by law to provide any further information regarding the account closure or suspension. Regards!

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Hi @Mike_D, I’ve escalated your case to the verification team. This should be resolved as soon as possible. Best regards!

two years? *uck :slight_smile:

it’s been few days for me but I really get afraid when I see such cases, blimey!

Honestly it doesnt matter i just pointed out that in my countrys national law is far more customer friendly and since in my case wirex sent a official letter that i was to be refunded and you say it takes 8-10days and its taken alot more than that its wirex breaking its word to me as a customer not the other way around no matter how you spin it its wirex thats at fault. anyway can i ask then @Alexander_Wirex why doesnt wirex comply with its own words then? dont you have any obligations what you communicate with your customers ? or is everything a lie ? does wirex respect a "verdict from bank of Lithuania if they were to say you should actually refund me which you already promised but doesnt seem to care to much to actually do!

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Hello @Dennis, please be informed that 8-10 working is an approximate timeframe, rest assured, your case has been escalated. Regards!

Your case is being escalated. I hope it solved soon as possible. Godbless

This is another ticket number to ask the same problem about my blocked account 2184695

El El lun, 13 jun 2022 a las 17:32, Josema Pelayo <> escribió:

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already posted sir :heart:

You can try this if you have been waiting for a long time and don’t get any decision.

This number is still working if you’re really unsatisified and want to complain the firm.

+44 02039346614

@josemapelayo We have forwarded this inquiry to our Support team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.

@mike24309631 Please keep in mind that we only offer Support via tickets or the in-app live chat. You can also submit an official complaint.

Hola, a mi tambien me han bloqueado la cuenta, hace mas de un mes, le he enviado varios mails, y me dicen simplemente que cuando terminen de revisar todo , de mucha gente, ya la vuelven a poner bien, eso no es cierto, llevo mucho tiempo, y no puedo ver el dinero que en estos momentos tengo, ya no estoy segura de que me lo vayan a devolver, mi paciencia tiene un limite.

a mi me pasa lo mismo, sigue bloqueada

This case is being currently processed by our relevant team. They will update you via the ticket as soon as possible. Please find more details regarding this situation following this link:
Why is my account blocked / frozen? Warm regards.