How to activate uni token

Hello I’m wanting to please get help on how to activate uni account in Wirex ? I remember to activate eth first we had to activate Dai… is that the same for uni ?

Hello there @Uneak , I’m sorry about your experience. Can you please help me clarify which country you are based in so that I can assist you further please? Thank you

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Have u had this happen before?

I’m in New Zealand

Hi @Uneak :wave:

Your country is fully supported :white_check_mark:


Wirex account available

Crypto account

Top up with Local card

Сard available

New Zealand

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So you can activate UNI. For this, please follow this procedure:

  • Log in to your Wirex account Click on “ Accounts ”.

  • Click on “ Add Account ” → “ Digital ”.

  • Click on the + icon to the right of the uni UNI account.

  • Ready to use UNI ! :white_check_mark:

Here is even more information about it:

Best regards!

Hi @Tom_Chen :wave:

Please stop. See how you talk like that?

Your ticket will be processed (if it hasn’t already) but please don’t say anything silly. Wirex does not scam.

Wirex treats each case very precisely. Therefore, if your case requires further checks, your account will remain blocked until it is processed. Please understand this.

For my part, I can ask @moderators (@ChienChien_Wirex @Ali_Wirex) to raise your case as high priority. :slight_smile:

Hope you are satisfied with this. In all cases we remain at your disposal. However, please adopt normal behavior in this community forum. :+1:

Thank you!

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Thank you

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Are u sending that to me or to the Wirex support team ? Maybe you can report them or do further checks

@Tom_Chen Please accept my apologies if my message angered you. I didn’t say you were silly, but to say Wirex is a scam is silly. Wirex is just taking the necessary steps to ensure its platform is healthy (most commonly for anti-fraud verification).

I fully understand your frustration with your blocked account, but rest assured that the Relevant Team is currently doing the necessary.

Your case will therefore be dealt with as soon as possible :white_check_mark:

Of course sending to support team.
How polite i was, and how same message they reply me.
Would you get angry when you get same situation?

And i try to ask people who like me.
Below is his reply…

Hi wirex sir,
I used to believe wirex, you fix my problem twice.
When i put my more money in Wirex for digital currency trading, you lock my account. You know how much i lose when market change these day?
I am really upset about i trust wirex much. Even my friends out of wirex.

And get same message everytime, but without any information that i know you are checkibg my account status…

I really know any procedure in wirex is not health and reasonable…hope you can solve the problem to prove i’m wrong.

@Tom_Chen Once again, I understand your frustration with your blocked account, and I would also be unhappy in your situation, but you should know that Wirex is obliged to do so because of the regulations (T&CS are clear on this).

Don’t worry, @ChienChien_Wirex or @Ali_Wirex will come and update you here soon. Then, the Relevant Team will proceed your case as quickly as possible. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comprehension!

@wirexuser01 @ChienChien_Wirex
Actually I will check my account status every week.
Hope this problem could be solve in month instead of endless loop and months or I will keep inform people be careful about the account blocked issue.


@ChienChien_Wirex @wirexuser01
Any news for my case. Unless you guys blind my post…

Hi @Tom_Chen :wave:

Please accept my apologies for the waiting time.

Let me ask @moderators to update you. @Anastasiia_Wirex will provide a reply as soon as possible. :+1:

Best regards!

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Hello @Tom_Chen,

Unfortunately, we didn`t get any additional info about your account. Please rest assured, we’ve done everything from our side in order to speed up the process. We understand, that you waiting for a solution for a really long time, but we kindly ask you for some additional patience.


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Hello wirex guys,

Sorry but I did not found chance to open ADA Cardano account on my Wirex wallet.

How we can add new coins account?

Coming from Slovenia.

Several times I get an email regarding new coins and I would lik to add it in my wallet.

Thanks for your answer and help in advance.


Hello @Roman, ADA is available for holding and exchange now. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for now to buy it with a local card or via crypto transfers. Regards!