How to avoid problems

There is a simple way to do business better and avoid problems and glitches. For a company as professional looking as wirex, it should be impossible for such small mistakes to be made.

Wirecard was professionell to.and now??wirex mayby this true.i think than game over

Good morning
Day 4th ir november in the early morning i made a transfer from my spanish account to my wirex account . After a while i Cancel the transacción, but the money nevera reached in my spanish account. They are Waiting for your order. What happened?

Wirex is not Wirecard my friend. Wirex are certainly in the game and winning to be fair. What is your issue please?

Good morning Junior,

I don’t work for Wirex, however the support team will need the ticket reference number from when you submitted the problem online. If you haven’t done this please head over to the wirex support page to raise the issue.